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Center for Disabilities
Sanford School of Medicine of The University of South Dakota
Department of Pediatrics
1400 West 22nd Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105-1570
Main Phone:  605-357-1439
Toll Free Number:  800-658-3080
Main Fax:  605-357-1438
TTY:  800-658-3080
Main Email:

Annual Report: 2011 CD Excecutive Summary

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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Eric Kurtz, Ph.D. 605-357-1439
LEND Director Eric Kurtz, Ph.D. 605-357-1439
Lead Administrative Staff
Clinic Coordinator, Birth to 3 Program Assistant Teresa Byrnes 605-357-1420
Coordinator Oyate Circle USD Sanford Health School of Medicine Center for Disabilities Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Department Assistant Letty Thelen 605-357-1418
Department Assistant Steven Larson, M.Ed, M.Div 605-357-1426
Director of Research & Development John R. Johnson, Ph.D. 619-778-4580
Fiscal Assistant Debra Carter 605-357-1431
Grants Manager Pat Herman, MURP 605-357-1577
Specialist, Finance and Administration Jana Richardson, BBA MGMT 605-357-1473
Staff Assistant Erin Gustaf 605-357-1439
Training and Technical Assistance Specialist, Center for Disabilities Instructor, Department of Pediatrics USD Sanford School of Medicine Adjunct Graduate Faculty Member, Curriculum and Instruction USD School of Education Emily Meier, MA 605-357-1475
Primary Activity Coordinators
Adult Services Letty Thelen 605-357-1418
Clinical Services Ryan Groeneweg 605-357-1411
Community Support Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Cultural Diversity Jim Warne, M.S. 619-379-6163
Cultural Diversity Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Data Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Distance Learning Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Early Intervention Mary Fitzpatrick 605-357-1318
Information/Dissemination Ryan Bartz, B.S. 605-357-1477
Information/Dissemination Kendra Gottsleben, B.A. 605-357-1462
Person Centered Planning Kurt Schiferl, B.S. 605-357-1443
Research John R. Johnson, Ph.D. 619-778-4580
Research Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Technical Assistance Kristine Bollig, MS 605-357-1436
Technical Assistance Tova Eggerstedt, MS 605-357-1430
Technical Assistance Rose Moehring, BSW, MA-Ed, CLVT 605-357-1437
Technical Assistance Kurt Schiferl, B.S. 605-357-1443
Technical Assistance Jon Wallner, M.S. 605-357-1516
Vocational Rehabilitation/Employment Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Research Director John R. Johnson, Ph.D. 619-778-4580
Discipline Coordinators
Audiology Marni Johnson Martin, Au.D. 605-677-5767
Education Daniel Hajovsky, Ph.D. 605-677-5847
Education Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Family Faculty Lisa Sanderson 605-361-3171
Health Administration Carole Cochran, MSW 605-677-6432
Medicine Julie Johnson , MD 605-658-5928
Nutrition Kendra Kattlemann, Ph.D. 605-688-4045
Occupational Therapy Shana Cerny, OTD, OTR/L, BCP 605-658-6376
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Dennis Stevens, MD, MS 605-357-1439
Physical Therapy Lana Svien, PT, Ph.D., MA 605-677-5000
Psychology Jean Caraway, Ph.D. 605-677-5353
Psychology Daniel Hajovsky, Ph.D. 605-677-5847
Public Health Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Special Education Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Speech-Language Pathology Elizabeth Hanson, Ph.D. 605-677-5474
Speech-Language Pathology Cheryl Raysby Park, MA, CCC/SLP 605-333-4254
Specialty Resource Contacts
Diversity and Native American Disability Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Leadership Consultant Greg Boris, Ed.D. 605-321-5514
Senior Research Associate Ann Wilson, Ph.D. 605-357-1348
Social Worker Caitlin Borges, MSW, LCSW 605-357-1559
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Communications Assistant Student Intern Marketing and Communications Specialist Consultant-Transition In Action Clinic Ryan Bartz, B.S. 605-357-1477
Deaf-Blind Program Coordinator Rose Moehring, BSW, MA-Ed, CLVT 605-357-1437
Manager, Birth to 3 Service Coordination Mary Fitzpatrick 605-357-1318
Marketing Communications Coordinator Kendra Gottsleben, B.A. 605-357-1462
NCI Coordinator Leslie Stusiak-Drew, BS, MNM 605-357-1451
Oyate` Circle Coordinator Wayne Weston, B.A. 605-407-7853
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Shannon Nelson, B.S. 605-202-0100
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Bridget Amundson, B.S. 605-357-1419
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Jamie Butler, B.S. 605-357-1429
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Stephanie Krusemark, B.A. 605-556-0067
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Nicole Saue, BSW 605-357-1346
South Dakota-National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Autism Family Support Group Caitlin Borges, MSW, LCSW 605-357-1559
Training Associate Emily Meier, MA 605-357-1475
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