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LEND Program:
University of California San Diego, LEND
San Diego, CA
Main Fax:  555-555-5555
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Position Name Phone Email
LEND Director Lauren Brookman-Frazee 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Co-LEND Director Jessica Suhrheinrich 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Themba Carr 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Community Support Mary Baker-Ericzen, PhD 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Community Support Kelsey Dickson 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness Paul Luelmo 619-746-5035 [email protected]
Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness Nicole Stadnick 858-966-7703 [email protected]
Training Director Colby Chlebowski, PhD 858-966-7703 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinators
Family Rachel Haine-Schlagel 858-876-7305 [email protected]
Genetics Kristen Wigby, MD 858-966-5808 [email protected]
Medicine Mary Baker-Ericzen, PhD 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Medicine Lauren Gist 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Psychology Lauren Brookman-Frazee 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Public Health Nicole Stadnick 858-966-7703 [email protected]
Self Advocacy Mary Baker-Ericzen, PhD 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Special Education Jessica Suhrheinrich 111-111-1111 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Sonja Pruitt-Lord, PhD, CCC-SLP 619-594-2226 [email protected]
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