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LEND Program:
Illinois LEND
The University of Illinois at Chicago
1640 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608
Main Phone:  312-996-8905
Main Fax:  312-413-4098
Website 2:
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Tamar Heller, PhD 312-413-1647 [email protected]
LEND Director Kruti Acharya, MD 312-413-1495 [email protected]
Associate LEND Director Meghan Burke, PhD 217-300-1226 [email protected]
Associate LEND Director Sarah Sobotka, MD, MSc 773-702-3095 [email protected]
Lead Administrative Staff
Associate UCEDD Director Kelly Hsieh 312-413-1530 [email protected]
Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Sarah Parker, Ph.D. 312-996-5485 [email protected]
LEND Project Coordinator Janine Salameh , MPH 312-996-8905 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Susan Kahan 312-413-2652 [email protected]
Community Education Director Katie Arnold, MS 312-996-1002 [email protected]
Community Support Katie Arnold, MS 312-996-1002 [email protected]
Community Support Kaitlin Stober, MS 312-413-4102 [email protected]
Data Coordinator Janine Salameh , MPH 312-996-8905 [email protected]
Data Coordinator Kaitlin Stober, MS 312-413-4102 [email protected]
Person Centered Planning Katie Arnold, MS 312-996-1002 [email protected]
Research Randa Abdelrahim, MS 312-355-5905 [email protected]
Research Caitlin Crabb, PhD, MPH 312-413-1535 [email protected]
Research Kaitlin Stober, MS 312-413-4102 [email protected]
Training Director Ann Cutler, MD 312-413-1849 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinators
Assistive Technology Glenn Hedman, PE, ATP, RET 312-413-7784 [email protected]
Dentistry/Pediatric Dentistry Robert Rada 999-999-9999 [email protected]
Family Matie Ovalle 312-996-0903 [email protected]
Nutrition Sharon Donovan, PhD 217-333-2289 [email protected]
Nutrition Leslie Stiles, MS, RD 773-875-5683 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Kathy Hooyenga, OTR/L, MA RET, ATP 312-413-1239 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Ashley Stoffel, OTD, OTR/L 312-996-4626 [email protected]
Parent/Family Resources Katie Arnold, MS 312-996-1002 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Michael Msall, MD 773-702-3095 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Sarah Sobotka, MD, MSc 773-702-3095 [email protected]
Physical Therapy Michelle Bulanda 312-996-2073 [email protected]
Psychiatry Diane Misch , MD 312-996-7000 [email protected]
Psychology Amy Paige Cohen, PhD 217-333-0041 [email protected]
Psychology Latha Soorya , PhD 312-942-7473 [email protected]
Public Health Kiyoshi Yamaki, PhD 312-413-7860 [email protected]
Social Work Kristin Berg, PhD 312-355-7965 [email protected]
Social Work Christine Escobar-Sawicki, MSW, LCSW 217-244-5229 [email protected]
Social Work Irma Hernandez, MSW 312-413-1819 [email protected]
Special Education Meghan Burke, PhD 217-300-1226 [email protected]
Special Education Lisa Cushing, PhD 312-355-1794 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Pamela Bondy, MS 312-996-2384 [email protected]
Specialty Resource Contacts
Act Early Ann Cutler, MD 312-413-1849 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinator: Behavior Analysis and Therapy Mark Dixon , Ph.D., BCBA 618-453-8275 [email protected]
Early Intervention Michelle Bulanda 312-996-2073 [email protected]
Rural Outreach Janet Patterson, MD 217-545-8980 [email protected]
Self Advocacy Tia Nelis 312-413-1284 [email protected]
Self-Advocacy Jae Jin Pak, B.S. 312-355-0426 [email protected]
Special Education, multiple disabilities, low incidence disabilities, secondary transition Lisa Cushing, PhD 312-355-1794 [email protected]
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Assistive Technology Unit; Certificate Program in Assistive Technology; Glenn Hedman, PE, ATP, RET 312-413-7784 [email protected]
Center for Capacity Building for Minorities with Disabilities Research Fabricio Balcazar, PhD 312-413-1646 [email protected]
Center on Health Promotion for People with Disabilities Yochai Eisenberg, PhD 312-413-1850 [email protected]
Chicagoland Entrepreneurship Education for People with Disabilities Sarah Parker, Ph.D. 312-996-5485 [email protected]
Developmental Disabilities Family Clinic; Family Support Research and Training Center; Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Developmental Disabilities and Health Tamar Heller, PhD 312-413-1647 [email protected]
Disability Art, Culture, and Humanities Carrie Sandahl, PhD 312-996-1967 [email protected]
Great Lakes ADA Center Robin Jones, COTA/L ROH 312-996-1059 [email protected]
LEND Leadrshp Ed in Neurodev Dis LEND 312-996-1792 [email protected]
Sibling Leadership Network Katie Arnold, MS 312-996-1002 [email protected]
The Hispanic and Family Support Program Irma Hernandez, MSW 312-413-1819 [email protected]
Zero through Three Diagnostic Program Ann Cutler, MD 312-413-1849 [email protected]
Reshma Shah, MD, MPH 312-523-5030 [email protected]
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