AUCD Network Directory

Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Campus Box 7255
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7255
Main Phone:  919-966-5171
Main Fax:  919-966-2230
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Joseph Piven, M.D. 919-843-8641
LEND Director Jackson Roush, PhD 919-966-4849
Associate UCEDD Director Rebecca Pretzel, Ph.D. 919-966-4806
Associate LEND Director Rob Christian, M.D. 919-843-2517
Lead Administrative Staff
Information Technology Tom Gray, B.S. 919-619-8061
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Jean Mankowski, Ph.D. 919-843-4362
Clinical Services Laura Politte, MD 919-966-5171
Community Support Rebecca Pretzel, Ph.D. 919-966-4806
Early Intervention Rebecca Pretzel, Ph.D. 919-966-4806
Exemplary Services Rebecca Pretzel, Ph.D. 919-966-4806
Information/Dissemination Debbie Reinhartsen, Ph.D. 919-966-5171
Parent/Consumer Ann Palmer 919-966-5171
Pediatric Services Laura Politte, MD 919-966-5171
Research Laura Politte, MD 919-966-5171
Training Director Jean Mankowski, Ph.D. 919-843-4362
Community Education Director Rebecca Pretzel, Ph.D. 919-966-4806
Community Education Director Donna Yerby, M.Ed. 919-966-4819
Research Director Joseph Piven, M.D. 919-843-8641
Discipline Coordinators
Assistive Technology Debbie Reinhartsen, Ph.D. 919-966-5171
Audiology Jackson Roush, PhD 919-966-4849
Dentistry/Pediatric Dentistry Michael Milano, DMD 919-966-5171
Education Donna Yerby, MEd 919-966-4819
Family Faculty Ann Palmer 919-966-5171
Genetics Cynthia Powell, MD 919-966-4202
Health Administration Jeffry Low, MBA 919-656-5757
Medicine Rob Christian, M.D. 919-843-2517
Physical Therapy Dana McCarty 919-843-8696
Psychology Rebecca Pretzel, Ph.D. 919-966-4806
Social Work Sherry Mergner, MSW 919-966-5171
Speech-Language Pathology Debbie Reinhartsen, Ph.D. 919-966-5171
Specialty Resource Contacts
Consultant to Legal Community J. Gregory Olley, Ph.D. 919-966-4613
Faculty Member Heather Hazlett 919-966-4099
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Adult Clinic Coordinator Donna Yerby, MEd 919-966-4819
Director, Project STIR Deborah Zuver, MA 919-843-7049
NCDPI Consultant for School Psychology Lynn Makor 919-843-7049
Social Skills Clinic Gabriel Dichter 919-966-5171
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