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UCEDD Program:
The Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities
University of Montana
52 Corbin Hall
Missoula, MT 59812-7056
Main Phone:  406-243-5467
Toll Free Number:  800-732-0323
Main Fax:  406-243-4730
Main Email:

Annual Report: Rural Institute Annual Report - FY17

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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Martin Blair, PhD 406-243-4779
Associate UCEDD Director Catherine Ipsen, PhD 406-243-4562
Lead Administrative Staff
Business Team Leader Kim Herron 406-243-5487
NIRS Data Coordinator Stacey Bliss 406-243-5760
Technology Director James Poelstra, MS 406-243-2894
Web and Accessibility Terrel Armstrong, BFA 406-243-2892
Specialty Resource Contacts
Accessible Information Technology James Poelstra, MS 406-243-2894
Adaptive Recreation Molly Blair, CIFT 406-243-4860
Assistive Technology Demonstration Julianna Whittaker 406-243-5486
Autism & Communicative Sciences Jennifer Closson, PhD 406-243-5261
Community Needs Research
Housing and Universal Design
Interdisciplinary Education
Public Health and Disability
Meg Traci, PhD 406-243-4956
Disability Policy
Special Education
Martin Blair, PhD 406-243-4779
Employment Research
Systems Evaluation
Catherine Ipsen, PhD 406-243-4562
Geography Lillie Greiman, MA 406-243-6102
Geography Andrew Myers, MA 406-243-4683
Health System Economics Bryce Ward, PhD 406-243-2722
Health and Well-Being
Ecological Momentary Assessment
Craig Ravesloot, PhD 406-243-2992
Human Geography
Population Studies
Christiane von Reichert, PhD 406-243-4784
Interpersonal Violence Prevention Rosemary Hughes, PhD 406-243-2898
Knowledge Translation Tracy Boehm, MPH 406-243-5741
Knowledge Translation Lauren Smith 406-243-2515
Knowledge Translation
Social Media
Justice Ender 406-243-4512
Language and Literacy Development Julie Wolter, PhD 406-243-2605
Living Well / Working Well with a Disability Maggie Lawrence, MLIS 406-243-4688
Montana / Idaho Deaf Blind Project Jamie FitzGerald, BS 406-243-4917
MonTECH Media Outreach Shawna Hanson 406-243-4531
MonTECH satellite office in Billings Marlena Lanini , MOT 877-243-5511
Positive Behavior Supports
Special Education
Morgen Alwell, PhD 406-243-5512
Pre-Employment Transition Services Melissa Dadmun, M.Ed. 406-243-5473
Pre-Employment Transition Services
Healthcare Transition
Youth Leadership
Kim Brown, BSW, MSW, RSW 406-243-4852
Psychology Christine Fiore, PhD 406-243-4521
Psychology and Evaluation Kaitlyn Ahlers, MA 860-985-2912
Public Health and Community Access Helen Russette, MPH 406-243-2966
Rural Sociology Rayna Sage, PhD 509-592-5853
Technology-mediated Research Tools Allen Szalda-Petree, PhD 406-243-2091
Transition,Employment and Youth Ellen Condon, MEd 406-243-4134
UM OUTREACH Naomi Kimbell, MA 406-243-2363
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Rural Contracted Services
Rural Self Employment Opportunities
The Use of Social Media for Employment
Catherine Ipsen, PhD 406-243-4562
Children's Special Health Services Kim Brown, BSW, MSW, RSW 406-243-4852
Geography and Rural Disability Lillie Greiman, MA 406-243-6102
Living Well with a Disability
Working Well with a Disability
RTC: Rural Knowledge Translation
Tracy Boehm, MPH 406-243-5741
Medical Home Portal Kaitlyn Ahlers, MA 860-985-2912
Montana Disability and Health Program
MT Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs - Concerns Report Method
Meg Traci, PhD 406-243-4956
MonTECH Anna-Margaret Goldman, PhD 406-243-5769
Motivating Self Management: Online
The Ecology of Rural Community Participation
Tannis Hargrove, MS 406-243-5719
RTC on Disability in Rural Communities
Resilience in Rural Community Participation
Person-Environment Fit in Rural Communities
Ecological Decision Support for Health Promotion
Pain Interference Patterns: Pain and the Environment
Research & Training Center on Community Living Sub-award
Craig Ravesloot, PhD 406-243-2992
State Autism Planning
School Climate Transformation Evaluation
Martin Blair, PhD 406-243-4779
Virtual Reality Weight Management for Women
Interpersonal Violence Prevention (Safety Project)
The Relations among Pain, Depression and Resilience in those with Spinal Cord Injury
Rosemary Hughes, PhD 406-243-2898
Youth Leadership
Montana Deaf-Blind Project
Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs: Emerging Leaders
Ellen Condon, MEd 406-243-4134
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