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UCEDD Program:
North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities
Minot State University
Memorial Hall 203
500 University Avenue West
Minot, ND 58707
Main Phone:  701-858-3580
Toll Free Number:  800-233-1737
Main Fax:  701-858-3483
TTY:  701-858-3580
Main Email:  [email protected]
Website:  http://www.ndcpd.org
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/North-Dakota-Center-for-Persons-with-Disabilities-NDCPD-118515191583313/
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Annual Report: NDCPD's 2023 Brochure

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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Lori Garnes, PhD 701-858-3139 [email protected]
Associate UCEDD Director Hilory Liccini, M Ed 701-858-3008 [email protected]
Lead Administrative Staff
Assistant Director Amy Armstrong, M Ed 701-858-3578 [email protected]
Coordinator of Operations Susie Mack 701-858-3009 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Community Education Director JoLynn Webster, MS 701-858-3206 [email protected]
Data Coordinator Susie Mack 701-858-3009 [email protected]
Training Director JoLynn Webster, MS 701-858-3206 [email protected]
Vocational Rehabilitation/Employment Michele Burney, BS 701-858-4473 [email protected]
Specialty Resource Contacts
Administrative Assistant Korie Huettl, Diploma, Technical School 701-858-4154 [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Jolene Orluck, Secretarial Certificate 701-858-4365 [email protected]
Administrative Secretary Vickie Brabandt 701-858-3047 [email protected]
Administrative Secretary Stacey Folstad-Magandy 701-858-3580 [email protected]
Administrative Secretary Jodi Patchen, AA 701-858-3546 [email protected]
Administrative Secretary Donna Weishaar 701-858-3054 [email protected]
Technology - Programming Darren Seifert, MS 701-858-3007 [email protected]
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Ability Expert Employee Coordinator, Consumer Advisory Council, Research Advisory Council Margaret Parslow, BA 701-858-3014 [email protected]
Act Early Partnership Grant, Act Early Ambassador Project, URLEND Hilory Liccini, M Ed 701-858-3008 [email protected]
Adult Student Transition to Education Program (ASTEP), IMPCCT JoLynn Webster, MS 701-858-3206 [email protected]
ASTEP, IMPCCT Luke Charley, BS 701-858-4245 [email protected]
ASTEP, IMPCCT Tracey Olson, BA 701-858-4496 [email protected]
ASTEP, Navigator, Covid Facilitator, ECHO-Resiliency Jodi Patchen, AA 701-858-3546 [email protected]
ASTEP, ND IMPCCT Jessica Reiswig 701-858-3421 [email protected]
ASTEP, ND Inclusive Model Pathways Training Consortium (IMPCCT) Malinda Kragh 701-858-3514 [email protected]
Community Staff Training Project Kari Schmidt, MS 701-858-4174 [email protected]
Echo Projects, IMPCCT Kyle Erickson, BS 701-858-3012 [email protected]
Find Safe, ND Support Navigators Vanessa Rovig, MS 701-858-3467 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Marie Cutaiar, BA 701-858-3070 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Kelly Drevecky, BS-OT 701-858-4077 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Thea Holm, BS 701-858-4076 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Josie Kuske, MS 701-858-3453 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Kristie Lawson, MS, OT 701-858-3435 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Kate Murphy, MS 701-858-3068 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Amanda Nichols, BS 701-858-3475 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Kelly Prellwitz, BA 701-858-4299 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Brooke Rosenau, BS 701-858-3407 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Alex Schroeder, BA 701-858-3182 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP) Angela Shaw, BSW 701-858-3015 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP), Right Track Rebecca Foster, OT Clinical Doctorate 701-858-3260 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program (MIDP); Great Plains Interdisciplinary Autism Diagnostic Clinic (GPIC) Nicole Nelson, BA 701-858-4472 [email protected]
Minot Infant Development Program, URLend, Youthworks Jessie Allery, Masters 701-858-3336 [email protected]
Money Follows the Person Ranita Aughtman, AA 701-858-3580 [email protected]
Money Follows the Person (MFP) Kylie Erickson, BA 701-858-3580 [email protected]
Money Follows the Person (MFP) Cheryl Merck, BA 701-858-3405 [email protected]
Money Follows the Person (MFP) Julie Moser 701-858-3580 [email protected]
MSU Office of Sponsored Programs Amy Armstrong, M Ed 701-858-3578 [email protected]
Navigator Ethan Webster, BA 701-858-3580 [email protected]
ND CREATE; ND CREATE Expanded Discovery, ND CREATE-ACT Zoey Winkler, BA 701-858-4376 [email protected]
ND Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (ND EHDI), ND Support Navigators Christine Brigden, BSW 701-858-3356 [email protected]
ND Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (ND EHDI); ND Early Hearing Detection & Intervention-Information Systems (ND EHDI-IS) Jerusha Olthoff, MS 701-858-4360 [email protected]
ND Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (ND EHDI); ND Early Hearing Detection & Intervention-Information Systems (ND EHDI-IS) Sue Routledge, BS 701-858-3006 [email protected]
ND Early Hearing Detection Intervention Tory Allen, BA 701-858-3580 [email protected]
ND Navigator Nicole Thompson, BA 701-858-3109 [email protected]
ND Senior Medicare Patrol Kale McHenry, BA 701-858-3490 [email protected]
ND Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Project, Vaccine Confidence Project Linda Madsen, MS 701-858-3424 [email protected]
ND Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP); Vaccine Confidence Project Brenda Munson, BS 701-858-4477 [email protected]
ND Support Navigators Paula Burckhard, BA 701-858-3071 [email protected]
ND Support Navigators Cheryl Coyle, BS 701-858-3052 [email protected]
ND Support Navigators Madesyn Holm, BA 701-858-3580 [email protected]
ND Support Navigators Kristin Michels, BA 701-858-3821 [email protected]
NDCPD Fee for Service Michele Burney, BS 701-858-4473 [email protected]
North Dakota Dual Sensory Project Lacey Long, MEd 701-858-3580 [email protected]
Project Scope, Access to Covid-19 Vaccines Krista Opstedal, BA 701-858-3414 [email protected]
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