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UCEDD Program:
Center for Persons with Disabilities
Utah State University
University Center for Excellence in Disabilities
6800 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-6800
Main Phone:  435-797-1981
Toll Free Number:  866-284-2821
Main Fax:  435-797-3944
TTY:  435-797-1981
Website:  http://www.cpdusu.org
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/cpdusu/

Annual Report: CPD 2017 Annual Report

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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Matthew Wappett, Ph.D. 435-797-0836 wappett@usu.edu
Co-LEND Director Judith Holt, PhD Special Education 435-797-7157 judith.holt@usu.edu
Lead Administrative Staff
Assistant to the Director Sharon Weston 435-797-0134 sharon.weston@usu.edu
Associate Director, Research and Training Division Jefferson Sheen, PhD 435-797-8113 jeff.sheen@usu.edu
Business Manager Richard Jewkes, BS 435-797-3989 richard.jewkes@usu.edu
Exemplary Services Director Susan Olsen, MEd 435-797-7461 sue.olsen@usu.edu
Information Specialist Kelleen Smith, BS 435-797-1997 kelly.smith@usu.edu
Policy Specialist Sachin Pavithran, MS Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling 435-797-6572 sachin.pavithran@usu.edu
Research and Training Director Mark Innocenti, PhD 435-797-2006 mark.innocenti@usu.edu
Technical Assistance Director John Copenhaver, ME 435-797-9016 John.Copenhaver@usu.edu
Specialty Resource Contacts
Adult Services Drake Rasmussen, BA Health Administration Services 435-797-8528 drake.rasmussen@usu.edu
Assistive Technology Funding/Resources Lois Summers 435-797-3824 lois.summers@usu.edu
Child Nutrition MIchael Diehl, BS 435-797-2619 michael.diehl@usu.edu
Clinical Coordinator, SLP services Vicki Simonsmeier, MA 435-797-7554 vicki.simonsmeier@usu.edu
Community Support Jefferson Sheen, PhD 435-797-8113 jeff.sheen@usu.edu
Cultural Diversity Juan Carlos Vazquez, BS Education; MA Second Language Teaching 435-797-6399 juan.vazquez@usu.edu
Early Intervention Marla Nef, MS 435-797-2043 marla.nef@usu.edu
Immunogenetics Laboratory Thayne Sweeten, PhD 435-757-0780 thayne.sweeten@usu.edu
Web Accessibility Cynthia Rowland, PhD 435-797-3381 cyndi.rowland@usu.edu
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