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UCEDD Program:
Institute on Disabilities/UCEDD
Temple University
1755 N 13th Street, Suite 411
Howard Gittis Student Center - South
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Main Phone:  215-204-1356
Main Fax:  215-204-6336
TTY:  215-204-1356
Main Email:  iod@temple.edu
Website:  http://disabilities.temple.edu
Institute on Disabilities, College of Education
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Celia Feinstein, MA 215-204-1356 shoes100@temple.edu
Lead Administrative Staff
Administrative Coordinator Yvette Bolden 215-204-5395 bolden@temple.edu
Assistant Director of Finance & Research Administration Nicole Parker, MBA 215-204-7546 Nicole.Parker@temple.edu
Associate Director of Finance and Administration Jeanette Pastelak, BSW 215-204-6569 pastelak@temple.edu
Financial Coordinator Sandra Dorsey 215-204-9557 sdorsey@temple.edu
Fiscal Adora Hatten, BBA 215-204-1059 ahatten@temple.edu
Office Assistant Michael McLendon 215-204-1356 mclendon@temple.edu
Office Manager Monica Bolli 215-204-7556 monica.bolli@temple.edu
Primary Activity Coordinators
Adult Services Celia Feinstein, MA 215-204-1356 shoes100@temple.edu
Adult Services Kathryn Helland 215-204-3032 Kathryn.Helland@Temple.edu
Community Support Celia Feinstein, MA 215-204-1356 shoes100@temple.edu
Community Support Kathy Miller, MSW 215-204-9395 millerk@temple.edu
Cultural Diversity Sandra Dorsey 215-204-9557 sdorsey@temple.edu
Cultural Diversity James Lemanowicz 215-204-6562 jlemanow@temple.edu
Cultural Diversity Lisa Troy, MSW 215-204-5966 ltroy@temple.edu
Data James Lemanowicz 215-204-6562 jlemanow@temple.edu
Information/Dissemination Susan Fullam 215-204-1123 sfullam@temple.edu
Technical Assistance Mary Kay Cunningham, MSW 215-204-1485 mkrc@temple.edu
Technical Assistance Kathryn Helland 215-204-3032 Kathryn.Helland@Temple.edu
Vocational Rehabilitation/Employment Thea Phim, MPA 215-204-3861 thea.phim@temple.edu
Community Education Director Kathryn Fialkowski, MTS, Biotechnology and Ethics 215-204-6560 kate.fialkowski@temple.edu
Research Director Sally Gould-Taylor 215-204-5775 sgould-taylor@temple.edu
Discipline Coordinators
Assistive Technology Kathryn Helland 215-204-3032 Kathryn.Helland@Temple.edu
Assistive Technology Joanna King, M.S., CTRS 215-204-5971 joanna.king@temple.edu
Assistive Technology Sandra McNally 215-204-3370 smcnally@temple.edu
Assistive Technology Kim Singleton, MS CCC-SLP 215-204-3862 kim.singleton@temple.edu
Assistive Technology Lisa Troy, MSW 215-204-5966 ltroy@temple.edu
Speech-Language Pathology Kathryn Helland 215-204-3032 Kathryn.Helland@Temple.edu
Specialty Resource Contacts
Assistive Technology Coordinator Joanna King, M.S., CTRS 215-204-5971 joanna.king@temple.edu
Assistive Technology Specialist/Consumer Educator Shenice Evans 215-204-5097 shenice.evans@temple.edu
Associate Director of Policy Jamie Ray-Leonetti 215-204-9543 jamie.ray-leonetti@temple.edu
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Services Coordinator Kathryn Helland 215-204-3032 Kathryn.Helland@Temple.edu
Employment and Transition Julia Barol, MEd 215-204-6476 Julia.Barol@Temple.edu
Family Education Coordinator Cathy Roccia-Meier 215-204-1772 cathyrm@temple.edu
Graphic Designer Virginia DiLello 215-204-5398 ginger@temple.edu
Information and Assistance/Electronic Technology Jule Ann Lieberman 215-204-2933 tuf29626@temple.edu
Web Designer Amy Letson 215-204-9558 amy.letson@temple.edu
Web Production Assistant Jamie Kennedy 215-204-1978 tuf45596@temple.edu
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Academy for Adult Learning - Coordinator of Student Supports Jack Badger 215-204-3031 jack.badger@temple.edu
Academy for Adult Learning - Inclusive Education Project Manager Ross Whiting, Ph.D. 215-204-7660 ross.whiting@temple.edu
Academy for Adult Learning - Project Assistant Anthony Brown 215-204-7177 anthony.brown0001@temple.edu
Academy for Adult Learning - Project Coordinator Titania Boddie 215-204-3196 tboddi01@temple.edu
ACES (Augmentative Communication Empowerment Supports) - Project Coordinator Russell Goldstein 215-204-9083 rgoldstein@temple.edu
Competence & Confidence: Partners in Policymaking Kathy Miller, MSW 215-204-9395 millerk@temple.edu
Criminal Justice and Sexual Health Beverly Frantz, PhD 215-204-5078 bfrantz@temple.edu
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership Coordinator Joanna King, M.S., CTRS 215-204-5971 joanna.king@temple.edu
Harry M Communication Services - Coordinator Stacy Phillips 215-204-3373 stacy.phillips@temple.edu
Money Follows the Person, Mini-Course Lecture Series on Disability, Quality of Life Monitoring Mary Jones-Furlow, MSW 215-204-6563 mjonesf@temple.edu
Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library Katie Fetterolf 215-204-4914 katefett@temple.edu
Producer, Visionary Voices Lisa Sonneborn, MFA 215-204-9542 lisa.sonneborn@temple.edu
TakeFIVE Volunteer Respite Care Program Inclusive Leadership in Action Denise Beckett 215-204-4979 denise.beckett@temple.edu
Telecommunication Device Distribution Program Lisa Troy, MSW 215-204-5966 ltroy@temple.edu
Western Office Coordinator Guy Caruso, PhD 724-934-1142 guy@temple.edu
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