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LEND Program:
LoneStar LEND
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Child & Adolescent Neurology
6410 Fannin St
Suite 732
Houston, TX 77030
Main Phone:  713-500-3637
Main Fax:  713-500-3630
Main Email:  [email protected]
Website:  http://www.LoneStarLEND.org
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/LoneStarLEND
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/LoneStarLEND
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Position Name Phone Email
LEND Director Pauline A. Filipek, MD 713-500-3709 [email protected]
Lead Administrative Staff
Core Faculty Jose Ramirez, Jr., LCSW 713-970-7621 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinators
Audiology Jennifer Wickesberg, Au.D., CCC-A, LSLS Cert. AVT 713-523-3633 [email protected]
Dentistry/Pediatric Dentistry Bhavini Acharya, BDS, MPH 713-500-4141 [email protected]
Dentistry/Pediatric Dentistry David Fray, DDS, MBA 713-486-4210 [email protected]
Education K-leigh Villanueva , MA, M.Ed 832-556-4069 [email protected]
Family Loukia Tsami, MA, BCBA 832-622-1239 [email protected]
Genetics Kate Mowrey 713-500-6042 [email protected]
Health Administration Heather Moore 832-822-3436 [email protected]
Medicine Jonathan Castillo, MD 832-822-1584 [email protected]
Medicine Mary Kay Koenig, MD 713-500-7164 [email protected]
Neurology Pedro Mancias, MD 713-500-7113 [email protected]
Nursing Omobola Oyeleye, EdD, JD, RN-BC, CNE 713-500-9948 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Patricia Bowyer, OTR, EdD 630-930-4847 [email protected]
Parent/Family Resources Judy Blake 832-754-6700 [email protected]
Pediatrics Ebony Beaudoin 713-500-5656 [email protected]
Pediatrics Pedro Mancias, MD 713-500-7113 [email protected]
Pediatrics Noel Mensah-Bonsu, MD 713-500-3637 [email protected]
Pediatrics Robert Voigt, MD 832-822-3780 [email protected]
Pediatrics Holly Volek-Smith, MD 713-500-5739 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Sherry Sellers Vinson, MD, MEd 832-822-1645 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Danny Williamson, MD 713-500-8292 [email protected]
Physical Therapy Venita Lovelace-Chandler, PT, PhD, PCS 214-706-2320 [email protected]
Psychiatry Katherine Loveland, PhD 713-486-2587 [email protected]
Psychiatry: Developmental Taiwo Babatope, MD, MPH, MBA 713-486-2700 [email protected]
Psychiatry: Developmental Deborah Pearson, Ph.D. 713-486-2588 [email protected]
Psychology Michael Assel, PhD 713-500-3714 [email protected]
Psychology Jennifer Fritz, PhD, BCBA-D 281-283-3427 [email protected]
Psychology Cathy Guttentag, Ph.D. 713-500-3719 [email protected]
Psychology Sarah Lechago, PhD 281-281-3331 [email protected]
Psychology Dorothea Lerman, PhD 281-283-3437 [email protected]
Psychology Sarah Mire, PhD 713-743-6448 [email protected]
Psychology Maria Quintero, Ph.D./Psychology 713-970-3428 [email protected]
Public Health Gretchen Gemeinhardt, PhD, MBA, FACHE 713-500-9159 [email protected]
Self Advocacy Andrew Bennett 281-755-8164 [email protected]
Social Work Heather Kanenberg, PhD, LMSW 281-283-3458 [email protected]
Social Work Jose Ramirez, Jr., LCSW 713-970-7621 [email protected]
Special Education Jennifer Hademenos 281-997-4923 [email protected]
Special Education G. Thomas Schanding, Ph.D. 281-283-3484 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Michelle Ivey, PhD, CCC-SLP 404-290-1945 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services David Fray, DDS, MBA 713-486-4210 [email protected]
Clinical Services Deborah Pearson, Ph.D. 713-486-2588 [email protected]
Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness Asia McCleary-Gaddy 713-500-5123 [email protected]
Data Coordinator Maria Brietzke 713-500-6573 [email protected]
Data Coordinator Prisca Franklin 713-500-3637 [email protected]
Data Coordinator Annie Rangel 918-402-8702 [email protected]
Medical Director Robert Voigt, MD 832-822-3780 [email protected]
Parent/Consumer Judy Blake 832-754-6700 [email protected]
Pediatric Services Holly Volek-Smith, MD 713-500-5739 [email protected]
Pediatric Services Jennifer Wickesberg, Au.D., CCC-A, LSLS Cert. AVT 713-523-3633 [email protected]
Person Centered Planning Lex Frieden 713-520-0232 [email protected]
Research Patricia Bowyer, OTR, EdD 630-930-4847 [email protected]
Research G. Thomas Schanding, Ph.D. 281-283-3484 [email protected]
Training Director Patricia Bowyer, OTR, EdD 630-930-4847 [email protected]
Training Director G. Thomas Schanding, Ph.D. 281-283-3484 [email protected]
Specialty Resource Contacts
Assessment and diagnosis of ASDs Assessment and diagnosis of LDs Assessment of ID Michael Assel, PhD 713-500-3714 [email protected]
Disability Law Jessica Roberts, JD 713-743-2105 [email protected]
Policy & Advocacy Lex Frieden 713-520-0232 [email protected]
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Dan L. Duncan Children's Neurodevelopmental Clinic CPS Infant Screening Clinic Michael Assel, PhD 713-500-3714 [email protected]
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