Gene Expression: Neuropathology

Baylor College of Medicine Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Center
Gene Expression: Neuropathology

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Core Personnel
Core Director: Meenakshi Bhattacharjee
Core Staff: Barbara Antalffy, B.S.

Core Keywords
Gene Expression; Neuropathology; Histology; Hybridization

Core Description
The objective of the Neuropathology Laboratory is to provide a facility for the members of the MRDDRC that is equipped for and experienced in the preparation and interpretation of histology, histochemistry, immunocytochemistry, in situ hybridization preparations and ultrastructural studies of the nervous system.

The Baylor MRDDRC consists of researchers working within various areas of expertise, in which human and animal tissues are investigated in order to characterize molecular, chemical and morphologic markers. The morphologic studies include the demonstration of gene products within cells, identification of specific cell types, histochemical identification of enzyme activity, ultrastructural characterization of cell organelles, confirmation of the presence of pathognomonic lesions in human and animal study subjects, and the identification of the presence or absence of structural integrity of the nervous system in transgenic and mutant animal models of human disease. The neuropathology core provides support for these necessary studies. Careful neuropathologic and immuno-localization analyses MRDD and the function of neuronal and developmental genes.

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