Cell and Molecular Imaging (CMI) Core

Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center
Cell and Molecular Imaging (CMI) Core

Center URL: http://einstein.yu.edu/centers/iddrc
Core URL: http://einstein.yu.edu/centers/iddrc/research-cores/cell-and-molecular-imaging.aspx

Core Personnel
Core Director: Kostantin Dobrenis, Ph.D.
Core Associate Director: David Hall, Ph.D.

Core Description

The goal of the Cell and Molecular Imaging (CMI) Core is to provide RFK-IDDRC investigators with a comprehensive package of expert guidance, training and assistance in all types of optical, electron and related microscopy techniques and image processing, together with access to costly state-of-the-art equipment.

  1. To provide consultation on experimental approaches and design
  2. To provide training and assistance with specimen preparation and data acquisition
  3. To provide training and assistance with data analysis
  4. To provide top-quality and readily accessible graphics services

  • Optical Imaging Facility
  • Electron Microscopy Facility
  • Laser Capture and Microdissection Facility
  • Image Analysis and Graphics Facility

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