Research Participant Registry Core

UNC Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center
Research Participant Registry Core

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Core Personnel
Core Director: J Steven Reznick

Core Keywords
Subject registry; autism; Fragile X; study participants; research subjects

Core Description

The Research Participant Registry Core maintains databases of individuals and families who are interested in participating in research to help IDDRC investigators recruit qualified research participants. The Research Participant Registry Core provides an organized and confidential way to identify and contact potential participants who are eligible for participation in particular studies.


The Research Participant Registry Core serves investigators by assisting in the recruitment of human participants for research by:

  • populating and maintaining participant databases for recruitment purposes
  • assisting investigators with grant preparation and recruitment materials
  • contacting potential participants on behalf of research projects while maintaining confidentiality
  • coordinating recruitment among studies to limit the potential for over-contact in selected samples and to encourage collaboration and efficient use of resources
  • promoting UNC research projects to constituent groups with exhibits, presentations, and products
  • contacting registry members annually to maintain current demographic information and share research findings

The Registry Database is used to recruit appropriate research participants in an efficient and timely manner and to track them over time.

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