Biobehavioral Measurement

Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center
Biobehavioral Measurement

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Core Personnel
: Liangshye Reynolds
Core Director: Stephen Fowler, Ph.D.
Core Co-Director: Charles Greenwood, Ph.D.
Core Co-Director: Kenneth McCarson, Ph.D.
Core Manager: Michelle Winter
Computing Specialist: Bryan Shrum
Networking Specialist: Raymond Cheung
Rodent Behavior Specialist: Linda Eggimann

Core Keywords
Biobehavioral measurement; behavioral testing; rodent complex behavior and learning; rodent SensoriMotor testing


Consult with investigators about problems relevant to research measurement; suggest solutions, and direct investigators to appropriate resources.

Instrument Design and Fabrication
Devise and construct new and innovative instrumentation that addresses currently unsolved problems in areas of biobehavioral measurement.

Behavioral Testing
Provide facilities for rodent Complex Behavior and Learning; provide facilities for rodent SensoriMotor Testing; behavioral instrumentation design and fabrication. Perform behavioral testing services for IDDRC investigators as requested.

ImmunoAssay Services
Provide ImmunoAssay services of IDD related markers in biological samples.

Small Animal Surgical Services
Provide surgical services to generate IDD models in small rodent species as requested.

Software Development
Devise and modify software applications to enable KIDDRC investigators to achieve better measurements in biobehavioral experiments.

Inform KIDDRC investigators regarding new measurement approaches and technologies; train them to use new instrumentation; educate them as to how best to obtain critical measurement data.

Maintenance and Repair
Maintaining and repair modern laboratory instrumentation.

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