Mouse Neurobehavior

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Mouse Neurobehavior

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Core Personnel
Core Director: Richard Paylor, Ph.D.

Core Keywords
Mouse Neurobehavior; Mutant Mouse Behavioral Analyses

Core Description
The objectives of the Mouse Neurobehavior Core are three-fold. The first is to provide training in the use of mouse behavioral assays. The second goal is to provide access to the Neurobehavior core for MRDDRC investigators interested in determining if there are behavioral abnormalities in their mutant mice. MRDDRC investigators will have two options available to them for the behavioral analyses of their mutant mice. Investigators will be able to either test their own mice, or they will be able to utilize core services to perform the behavioral analyses for them. The third objective is to provide training in experimental design and statistical analyses that is customized for the mutant mouse behavioral analyses.

The primary purpose of the MRDDRC Neurobehavior Core is to provide MRDDRC investigators with a battery of assays that will provide initial insight into the behavioral consequences of a specific mutation. In addition, the Neurobehavior Core will also provide access and training on the use of other behavioral assays that will allow an MRDDRC investigator to perform critical secondary or follow-up studies which are important to better understand the nature of any behavioral abnormality detected with the primary behavioral test battery.

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