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The Brain Imaging Core (BIC) provides technical and scientific support for multimodal brain imaging (including MR, PET, microPET and electrophysiologic imaging) for IDDRC Research Affiliates who wish to use neuroimaging methods to address research questions pertinent to intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The overall goal of the Core is to train and assist affiliates in conducting research using a variety of advanced imaging modalities. The Core is organized into four highly interrelated components:

  1. technical support and development
  2. image analysis
  3. human electrophysiology
  4. small animal imaging

All components of the Core are organized to inform CHDD affiliates of the advantages (and pitfalls) of useful technologies and to provide expert technical guidance for both investigators inexperienced in imaging techniques as well as experienced neuroscientists. To maximize resources in this highly complex field, the Brain Imaging Core operates in collaboration with the MR Research laboratory and the Integrated Brain Imaging Center (IBIC) which are part of the Department of Radiology.


The Brain Imaging Core provides affiliates with assistance in all aspects of study design, implementation, and support using several modern brain imaging techniques that are capable of evaluating brain structure and function. Specifically, the Core provides:

  1. expert technical guidance in study design, such as development of optimal imaging parameters, pulse sequence development, computer generated EEG source imaging methods, and appropriate functional brain imaging task design
  2. expert technical assistance and support for image acquisition, storage, and transfer
  3. training in multiple image analysis techniques
  4. assistance in preparing research subjects for scanning
  5. development of specialized custom techniques and equipment
  6. assistance in developing experimental animal imaging protocols
  7. training of affiliates and their graduate students and postdocs in safe use of the MR and EEG/ERP imaging equipment
  8. opportunities for information sharing among affiliates interested in brain imaging research to promote collaboration
  9. limited financial support for pilot projects involving these Core facilities

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