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Clinical Translational Core

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Core Personnel
Core Director: Seth Pollak, Ph.D.
Core Co-Director: Murray Brilliant, Ph.D.
Core Co-Director: Katherine Hustad, Ph.D.

Core Description

The Clinical Translational Core provides support to investigators for some of the most challenging aspects of research involving human participants, including recruitment, diagnoses, assessment, computer programming and applications and advanced statistical analysis.


Project Consultation

  • Participant screening, consenting, and session coordination
  • Coordination of research in Waisman Center Clinics or WECP
  • Assistance with IRB protocols as they pertain to CTC services
  • Coordination with UW Hospital Clinical Research Unit
  • Liaison with community hospitals/health centers

Psychological Testing

  • Assessment administration, scoring, interpretation
  • Intervention implementation
  • Clinical/diagnostic interviewing/screening
  • Assessment and intervention training
  • Protocol and project development
  • Psychological consultation
  • Graduate student psychological services supervision


  • Computer programming
  • Database development and maintenance
  • Equipment and technical support consultation
  • Eye-tracking consultation

Participant and Research Registry Recruitment

  • Access to potential research participants through several research registries
  • Consultation and recruitment planning
  • Diversity and Community outreach
  • Participant recruitment in the Waisman Center Clinics or Waisman Early Childhood Program

Private Testing Rooms

  • A large testing room with a sink, small observation room, and audio and video camera equipment
  • Individual sound attenuated booths
  • Two adjoined small testing rooms with adult-sized tables and chairs, and equipment to allow for monitoring and recording a session from one room to the other
  • Two Tobii T60XL eye tracker suites, with E-Prime, Tobii Studio, and SMART-T stimulus software.

Data Analysis

  • Statistical Consultation

Psychological Assessment Kit Library

  • Medical
  • Skin biopsies

Datebase Hosting

  • Waisman Biomanufacturing
  • Access to Marshfield Clinic's Personalized Medicine Research Project (PMRP)



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