Behavioral Measurement Core

UNC Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center
Behavioral Measurement Core

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Core Personnel
Core Director: J Steven Reznick

Core Description

The Behavioral Measurement Core supports efforts to integrate human and animal studies of neurodevelopmental disorders through a focus on specific behavioral markers and specific behavioral processes in both humans and mouse models of human disease.

The core is composed of two laboratories: the Human Behavioral Phenotyping Laboratory and the Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Laboratory . These facilities are available for all aspects of state-of-the-art measurement of mouse behavior and selected aspects of human behavior; training in behavioral measurement and consultation regarding the interface of rodent models of human behavioral condidtions with human studies.



Human Behavioral Phenotyping Laboratory

  • Use of Observational Laboratory
  • Use of eye-movement monitoring
  • Use of Miniloggers to record heart rate or activity
  • Consultation on measurement
  • Consultation on recording data
  • Consultation on observational coding
  • Use of audio-visual equipment

Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Laboratory


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