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Call for Proposals


Call for Proposals closed on June 11

Notifications of acceptance: Late August/early September

This call for proposals includes submissions for concurrent and poster presentations.

Virtual Concurrent Session Format:

Please note there are no longer three concurrent session types to choose from when submitting. The only concurrent session type this year is a full 75-minute session. The style of the session can be a panel or interactive, but it must be submitted as a full concurrent. The 20-minute paper concurrent session type that was combined with other concurrents has been eliminated.

To provide a more interactive virtual experience for 2021, concurrent sessions will take place in a live format during the conference, with opportunities for attendees to interact with presenters during the session.
This means that accepted concurrent presenters will do a live, virtual presentation (not pre-recorded) on the day/time their concurrent is selected to take place during the virtual conference, and there will be an opportunity for live attendee interaction. AUCD will also provide Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) and American Sign Language (ASL) for all concurrent presentations. There will not be a pre-recorded concurrent option this year.

Virtual Poster Session Format:

At this time, the plan is for virtual posters to remain the same as last year with an option to provide a 2-3-minute, captioned presentation video along with the e-poster that will viewable online in poster groups by topic. AUCD is working to improve upon the user experience with accessing virtual poster content. If an alternative to the pre-recorded format becomes available, it will be communicated to presenters as soon as possible.

Although the specific virtual platform and other details are still being worked out, we hope this information will allow you to make a more informed decision on submitting a proposal for the conference.  Later this summer, AUCD will announce a full list of the details and requirements, including accessibility guidelines, for all conference presentations.

Proposal Reviews
Proposals submitted to the AUCD Conference are judged on a set of criteria and scale a team of individuals from the AUCD network, including staff from UCEDDs and LENDs and IDDRCs, self-advocates and family members, and current or recent network trainees.

  • Interest to the AUCD Membership, Attendees, and the Disability Field as a Whole: 25 points
  • Effectiveness of Information Delivery: 25 points
  • Connection to the Values of the Network: 25 points
  • Proposal Follows the Guidance Provided, is Clearly Organized, and is Well Written: 25 points

Questions regarding the AUCD 2021 Conference should be directed to [email protected].