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Concurrent Sessions Frequently Asked Questions


A PDF of the Concurrent Sessions FAQ below is available to download from here.


Concurrent and video format:

  • What is a Concurrent Session?
  • A Concurrent Session is a pre-recorded presentation that will air during a specific time and day on the virtual conference platform.
  • Prior to the conference, the schedule of concurrents can be viewed on the AUCD Conference website Agenda page.
  • Attendees will be able to watch the presentation at the scheduled time and type questions into a chat box during the presentation.
  • Presenters can use the chat box to respond to these questions.
  • Tip: We highly recommend that presenters announce at the start of their presentation recording that attendees are welcome to ask questions in the chat box.
  • Will the virtual conference platform be available to presenters to visit before the conference start date?
  • There will be a soft launch of the virtual platform for all registered attendees the week before the conference. Attendees can view and navigate the platform but will not be able to play any recordings until their scheduled start time during the conference.
  • Is there a required format for the Concurrent Session recording?
  • Yes, the recording video must be submitted as a captioned MP4.
  • How long is the video?
  • The video can not be longer than 75-minutes, which is the time allocated for the session.
  • AUCD cannot accept videos longer than 75 minutes.
  • Videos must be captioned.
  • This time should include time for Q&A if you plan to include it.
  • Can I have handouts to post on my concurrent page and if so what format?
  • Yes additional handouts can be included.
  • All handouts must be submitted as an accessible PDF.
  • Will I be able to see participants who are attending my session?
  • You will not be able to see participants during a session.
  • How can I have audience participation with my virtual presentation?
  • We recognize that virtual presentations cannot totally replace the experience of a live, in-person presentation. We encourage presenters to pose questions for group discussion and response in the chat box during the airing of the presentation for attendee response.
  • We highly suggest that presenters actively monitor the chat box during their presentation and respond to attendee questions there.

Accessibility and related requirements:

  • Are captions required for concurrent presentation videos?
  • Yes, all videos must have captioning when submitting.
  • How do I add captions?
  • How accurate does my captioning have to be?
  • We suggest that you review the transcript of your presentation to check the accuracy of the captioning.
  • How do I get a transcript?
  • Do the slides in my pre-recorded concurrent presentation have to include alt/text?
  • Slides should be accessible following the guidelines in the Accessibility page, but any alt/text on the slides won't carry over in the video.
  • Presenters should briefly describe their slides as they move through them for accessibility.
  • Do presenters have to submit an accessible handout?
  • Any handouts you submit for posting must have accompanying Alt/Text for accessibility.
  • If I create a handout in PowerPoint and add accessibility features in that program, will the accessibility transfer over when I save it as a PDF?
  • Yes, the accessibility features will carry over to a PDF.
  • Will screen readers be able to access the videos and handouts?
  • Yes, screen readers will be able to access all of the content.
  • Will people be able to access hyperlinks in my handouts?
  • If a handout has a link to a video or an external website, the attendee will be able to follow or view that link as long as it points to another URL.


  • What is the deadline for submitting the pre-recorded presentations and handouts?
  • November 6th is the deadline for submitting the pre-recorded presentations and handouts.
  • Videos and handouts cannot be accepted after this date.
  • There can be no changes to content after this date.
  • How should I send AUCD the video and handouts if I have any?
  • All files submitted should read Concurrent, the presenter's name, and concurrent's title.
  • For example, Concurrent, Jane Doe, Disability Support.

Please email Kari Rice if you have additional questions.