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Poster Sessions Frequently Asked Questions


A PDF of the Poster Sessions FAQ below is available to download from here.


Poster and video format:

  • What is a Poster Session?
  • A Poster Session is a selection of of e-posters and poster presentation videos grouped by the Topic area they were submitted under.
  • Posters will be on-demand and conference attendees can view the posters at their leisure on the conference meeting platform starting December 7th.
  • Will attendees be able to ask questions to poster presenters?
  • There will be a Discussion Forum on the virtual conference platform where attendees can post questions about posters and other content and presenters can answer them. This will not be at specific times, but available throughout the conference.
  • What is the format of the e-posters?
  • Posters should be submitted as an accessible PDF with alt/text.
  • See the Accessibility Guidelines page for resources on creating accessible posters.
  • Do presenters also have to submit a physical poster?
  • No, presenters do not have to submit a physical poster for this year's conference.
  • Do poster presenters have to submit a video to go with the e-poster?
  • The video is not required.
  • What is required if I do submit a video?
  • Submitted as a Mp4.
  • Must have captioning.
  • Can't be longer than 3 minutes.
  • Can I have a handout(s) included with my poster and, if so, what is the required handout format?
  • Yes, presenters can include additional handouts with their poster.
  • These should be submitted as an accessible PDF.

Accessibility and related requirements:

  • Are captions required for my poster video presentation?
  • Yes, all poster video presentations must have captioning when submitted.
  • How do I add captions?
  • How accurate does my captioning have to be?
  • We suggest that you review the transcript of your presentation to check the accuracy of the captioning.
  • How do I get a transcript?
  • Zoom can automatically generate a transcript of audio. More information about the feature is at the following link:

  • Do poster presenters have to include Alt/Text (image descriptions) in the e-poster?
  • Yes, all e-posters must include Alt/Text for accessibility.
  • If I create a poster in PowerPoint and add accessibility features to the poster in that program, will the accessibility transfer over when I save the poster as a PDF?
  • Yes, the accessibility features will carry over to a PDF.
  • Will screen readers be able to access the e-posters or videos?
  • Yes, screen readers can access all content during the conference.
  • Will people be able to access hyperlinks on e-posters?
  • If an e-poster has a link to a video or an external website, the attendee will be able to follow or view that link as long as it points to another URL.


  • What is the deadline for submitting the posters?
  • November 6th is the deadline for submitting the e-poster, video, and any handout(s).
  • AUCD cannot accept any content or changes to content after this date.
  • How do I submit the e-poster, video, and handouts?
  • All files submitted should read Poster, the presenter's name, and poster's title.
  • For example, Poster, Jane Doe, Disability Support.

Please email Kari Rice if you have additional questions.