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Become an AUCD 2019 Sponsor or Exhibitor Today!

Committment Deadline: September 30; Artwork Deadline: October 15

At the 2019 AUCD Conference over 1,000 community leaders, researchers, policymakers, practitioners, professionals, advocates, and students will join forces in their commitment to change the world for people with disabilities and their families. Sponsors and exhibitors of the Conference will have direct access to AUCD's $650 million national network of directors, researchers, practitioners, and advanced-level Fellows representing university-based programs from every state and territory. Best of all, you'll join an increasingly dynamic conversation focused on the support, inclusion, and well-being of people with disabilities, and demonstrate your organization's commitment to this population.


Recognize Exceptional Leadership

AUCD Awards Nominations Open through August 15

The AUCD Awards represent the exemplars within our network, and local, state, and national partners. We know the depth, breadth, and expertise of our trainees, advocates, professionals, and partners is extraordinary and deserving of recognition. In preparation for this year's conference, we invite you to nominate someone who truly inspires you in the spirit of the conference theme: Leading Change Together!


You're Invited to AUCD 2019!

Leading Change Together

The world is an ever-changing place of ideas, trends and economic and political forces, and our network is well-positioned to respond to these changes as they happen. Through our collective work, AUCD's member centers and programs can play a leadership role in innovating and evolving to meet the needs of our varied stakeholders. I hope that this conference will energize you, introduce you to new ideas, and serve to improve our practice.