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AUCD: Poster Symposium 2B: Training and Leadership 1: Creating content: Emerging leaders creating meaningful products for families and self-advocates.


pdf File Creating Content: Emerging Leaders Creating Meaningful Products for Families and Self-Advocates [download]

pdf File Employment for Individuals with Disabilities Tip Sheet [download]

pdf File My Passport to Good Health [download]

pdf File Selecting a Manual Wheelchair Tip Sheet [download]

pdf File Selecting a Power Wheelchair Tip Sheet [download]

pdf File Supporting Your Child's Journey [download]


Alyx Medlock, MS, Training Director
Center for Development & Disability, UCEDD/LEND


As emerging leaders, LEND family and self-advocate disciplines are uniquely placed to understand the needs of families and individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities and create change. As part of their LEND capstone projects, these trainees created a product to provide resources and improve access to individuals in New Mexico. Supporting and mentoring all trainees is critical, but family members and self-advocates may require additional mentorship in realizing their plans.

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