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AUCD: Poster Symposium: Training & Leadership Development: Updates to the MCH Leadership Competencies: Preparing Mch Professionals to Improve Health Equity for People with Disabilities


pdf File MCH Leadership Competencies: Preparing MCH professionals to improve health equity among people with disabilities [download]


Rita Maldonado, MPH, Project Officer

Other Presenter(s)

Lauren Ramos, MPH, HRSA/MCHB, Rockville, MD;
Hae Young Park, MPH, HRSA/MCHB, Rockville, MD;


The MCH Leadership Competencies serve to ensure that MCH curricula promotes mastery in critical knowledge and skill areas, including health equity, cultural and linguistic competence, self-reflection, and inclusion. The Competencies provide a framework to guide training and development of MCH professionals, including LEND trainees. The poster will describe the 2016 - 2017 update of the Competencies, including the process of engaging key stakeholders by MCHB.

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