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AUCD: Concurrent Sessions: Red Flags and Variants and Websites, Oh My! - Teaching Genetics Competencies to LEND Trainees


pdf File Interdisciplinary Genetics Competencies for LEND Trainees (322KB) [download]


Tyler Reimschisel, MD, MHPE, LEND Director
Albert Einstein College of Medicine/CHAM, DBP

Other Presenter(s)

Anne Bradford Harris, PhD, MPH, RD, Madison, WI, United States, WI - Waisman Center, UCEDD/LEND;
John Moeschler, MD, Lebanon, NH, United States, NH - New Hampshire LEND Program;


This concurrent session will a) demonstrate the two genetics modules in the LEND Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Core Curriculum Resources, b) introduce the Genetics Core Competencies developed by the LEND Genetics Workgroup, and c) provide an opportunity for participants to apply the Genetics Core Competencies as a guide to modifying or enhancing the genetics education offered in their respective programs through the use of the genetics modules and other resources.

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