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AUCD: Poster Symposium: Behavioral Supports & Mental Health: Do We Need Police to Keep Our School Safe?


pdf File The Role of School Resource Officers in Schools [download]


Anne Marie Tagliaferri, Master of Education , Fellow
Kennedy Krieger Institute, UCEDD/LEND

Other Presenter(s)

Maureen Van Stone, Esquier, MS, Baltimore, MD, United States, MD - Kennedy Krieger Institute, UCEDD/LEND;
Christopher Smith, Ph.D., Baltimore, MD, United States;


School resource officers (SROs) are career law enforcement officers with sworn authority, deployed in community-oriented policing. They are intended to be a positive presence in the school community. The consequences of having police in schools may outweigh the benefits. With appropriate supports in place and adequate training, schools can limit the number of students who enter the criminal justice system and create a safe environment without the need for police.

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