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AUCD: Concurrent Sessions: Leveraging Social Capital Through Faith Communities and Faith Based Organizations to Improve Employment and Social Integration for People with Disabilities


pdf File Social Capital and Disability AUCD 2016 [download]


Bill Gaventa, Mdiv, Consultant, Educator, Author
Collaborative on Faith and Disability

Other Presenter(s)

Jo Anne Schneider, Ph.D., George Washington University, Baltimore, MD, United States;
Erik Carter, Ph.D., Nashville, TN, United States, TN - Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development - IDDRC;
Derek Nord, Ph.D., Bloomington, IN, United States, IN - Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, UCEDD;
Joe Timmons, MSW, MA, Minneapolis, MN, United States, MN - Institute on Community Integration, UCEDD/LEND;


Congregations and faith based organizations are portrayed as resources for people with disabilities that presumably offer social capital, employment, volunteering, and relationships with others. How exactly do people with disabilities and their supporters generate social capital through these organizations? What factors influence whether or not these institutions successfully support someone with IDD toward independence? Three related presentations explore these questions.

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