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AUCD: Welcome Reception and Poster Session: Positive Outcomes for Advocates Using ?Principled Negotiation?


pdf File 10019 AUCD Poster Negotiation m1.pdf [download]


Maureen VANSTONE, JD, MS, Director
Kennedy Krieger Institute, UCEDD/LEND

Other Presenter(s)

Jaclyn Machometa, JD, Law Trainee, Baltimore , MD, United States;
Christopher Smith, Ph.D., MCDD Director, Baltimore , MD, United States;


This poster will summarize a theory of negotiation by highlighting its key components and the known outcomes for the disputing parties, as well as argue that this theory can have positive outcomes, not just for the disputing parties, but for special education advocates or attorneys. The poster will include a case study and proffer research to present a new outcomes focus on principled negotiation in special education.

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