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AUCD: Welcome Reception and Poster Session: Using Quality Improvement to Improve Remote Transition Services For Youth With Disabilities


pdf File Using Quality Improvement To Increase The Capacity of Rural Pediatricians To Provide Effective Medical Transition Services in New Mexico Through Telehealth [download]


Anthony Cahill, Ph.D., Director of Evaluation
Center for Development & Disability, UCEDD/LEND

Other Presenter(s)

Janis Gonzales, MD, New Mexico Department of Health, Santa Fe, NM, United States;
Danial Wenz, MBA, Albuquerque, NM, United States, NM - Center for Development & Disability, UCEDD/LEND;


This project involves using quality improvement (QI) principles and techniques to allow pediatricians in rural areas to increase their capacity to deliver effective transition skills. Utilizing a network of telehealth sites around the states, transition specialists collaborate with rural pediatricians to ?model? effective transition skills, including templates for reports targeted at adult providers who will be seeing the youth in the future.

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