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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm

Location: Meeting Room Level


New Ways of Thinking and Doing Business: Advancing Full Participation through Design and Marketing
Elizabeth DePoy, Ph.D., Professor, The University of Maine, Center for Community Inclusion, UCEDD
Stephen Gilson, Ph.D., ME - University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education,

In concert with the conference theme ?to understand the rapidly changing environment and seize the opportunity to develop new strategies and resources? this session focuses on teaching and applying design and marketing thinking and action to advance significant, sustained social change for people with disabilities and communities across the globe.

Web-based continuing education to prepare professionals to facilitate student participation
Steve Rosenberg, Ph.D., JFK Partners/University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, UCEDD/LEND

Web-PDI is a continuing education course that is effective in preparing professionals to increase their students? participation in learning and social activities. This session will present course materials including slides and video segments. We will also demonstrate inexpensive web video technology for conducting classroom observations and consultation from remote locations.

Ticket to Work
Susan M Daniels, PhD, Ticket to Work, Daniels & Associates,LLC

The Ticket to Work program, inaugurated at that beginning of this decade, was a significant expansion Social Security making working-age beneficiaries eligible for considerable support if they chose to pursue an employment goal. This presentation will track the progress of that program thus far, look at the performance trends, explore various populations taking advantage of the it and discuss policy options for the future.

Research projects in the Institute on Community Integration (University of Salamanca, Spain). Quality of Life and Employment.
Miguel-Angel Verdugo, Full Profesor, Director, INICO
Cristina Jenaro, Profesor, Institute on Community Integration, University of Salamanca (Spain)
Francisco de Borja Jordán de Urríes, Researcher, Institute on Community Integration, University of Salamanca (Spain)

This concurrent session presents some of the recent research projects developed by the Institute on Community Integration. The main contents are related to Quality of Life and Employment, including some relevant evaluation tools for quality of life and innovative developments related to supported employment in Spain and Europe.

Classroom in the UCEDD/UCEDD in the Classroom
David Mitchell, PhD, Executive Director, Institute on Disabilities, UCEDD
Ann Keefer, PhD, PA - Institute on Disabilities/UCEDD
Joshua Lukin, PhD, Temple University Department of English
Jeremy Schipper, PhD, Temple University Department of Religion
Diane Nelson Bryen, PhD, PA - Institute on Disabilities/UCEDD

Temple University's demonstration project, "Higher Education for ALL," infuses disability studies into the core undergraduate curriculum. Participants will discuss planning, implementation, partnership building, information dissemination and evaluation of the project's first year findings.

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Should Insurance Companies Be Mandated to Pay for Autism Services? Maybe!
Stephen Sulkes, MD, UCEDD/LEND Director, Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND
Jeff Sell, Esq, Autism Society

Laws mandating insurance coverage for services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders are exciting for families seeking services for their members with ASDs, but potential pitfalls in such legislation could limit, rather than increase, access to services. This session will discuss both sides of the issue.

Medical Homes for Children, Youth and Adults with ASDs and other Developmental Disabilities: Practical Experiences, Challenges, and Successes
James Kerwin, MD, Assistant Professor Family and Community Medicine, Institute for Human Development, UCEDD
Dalice L. Hertzberg MSN, RN, FNP-C, University of Colorado Denver, JFK Partners UCEDD, Aurora, CO Paul Carbone MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Univeristy of Utah and Utah Regional Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (URLEND)
Discuss medical home models from Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Briefly review the the patient-centered medical home and describe our unique experiences, emphasizing both the challenges and successes. Paul Carbone will discuss his recent research regarding the unmet needs of families with children with ASD within the context of the medical home.

Expanding Your Research and Evaluation Portfolio
Robert Stodden, Ph.D., Director, Center on Disability Studies, UCEDD/LEND
David Mank, Ph.D., UCEDD Director, IN - Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, UCEDD
Margo Vreeburg Izzo, Ph.D., Associate Director, OH - The Nisonger Center, UCEDD/LEND
Kelly Roberts, Ph.D., Project Director, HI - Center on Disability Studies, UCEDD/LEND
Mary Segal, Ph.D., Research Scientist, PA - Institute on Disabilities, UCEDD

UCEDDs are increasingly being asked to conduct research and evaluation activities for sponsors and partners. Find out how to build and expand your Center's research and evaluation portfolio from three Center Directors who have demonstrated exceptional research and evaluation experience. Discuss how the Council on Research and Evaluation (CORE) can assist you and your UCEDD staff gain these essential skills.

Strategies for Improving Transition Outcomes for Students who are Culturally Diverse and Students with Significant Disabilities
Karen Applequist, PhD, , Institute for Human Development; Flagstaff, AZ
Kelly Roberts, PhD, Center on Disability Studies
Honolulu, HI
Beth Swedeen, Waisman Center
Madison, WI

In this session participants will learn about the unique strengths, resources, and needs of CLD students who are transitioning from high school to postsecondary education or work settings. Characteristics of effective transition practices for CLD youth will be presented. Participants will be encouraged to discuss and share their own experiences. Disappointing post-school outcomes are a call to schools and communities to better equip youth with disabilities for life after high school. This presentation examines the current summer engagement and participation of youth with significant disabilities, then presents promising strategies that significantly increased summer employment and community participation.

Translating Family Competencies into practice: Examples from Indiana and Wisconsin
Rylin Rodgers, , Riley Child Development Center; Indianapolis, IN
Stephan Viehweg, ACSW, LCSW, Riley Child Development Center
Indianapolis, IN
Barbara Wagner, Waisman Center
Madison, WI
Gail Chodron, MA, Waisman Center
Madison, WI
Anne Bradford Harris, PhD, MPH, RD, Waisman Center
Madison, WI

The Riley Child Development Center?s efforts to strengthen the Family Discipline, both within our center and within Indiana, have resulted in the creation of the Family Leadership Initiative. The initiative brings together varied family organizations to establish a coordinated, meaningful effort to support the development of family members? leadership skills. Family faculty in the WI LEND program worked with Family trainees to develop and pilot a formalized training experience using the Family discipline competencies developed by the AUCD Family Faculty workgroup. Self-assessments of the competencies completed by trainees at year-end showed an increase in discipline knowledge and skill areas.