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AUCD - Driving Change Session

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Expand Your Visibility and Reach to Drive Change

Sunday, November 15, 2015 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Renaissance Ballroom East

Session Description

Discover how you can drive change at your center! New in 2015, these exciting sessions provide an interactive learning and sharing environment centered around the five key priorities of the AUCD Strategic Map. Participate in one of these five sessions to hear from and share ideas with leaders from around the network on successes and best practices in the areas of visibility and reach; policy, practice, and research; network engagement and leadership development; funding; and diversity, inclusion, and equity. These sessions are free for all registered conference attendees.

Expand Your Visibility and Reach to Drive Change

It's difficult to be a change maker if the right people don't know you exist! How can you increase awareness of and access to your Center in your department, on campus, or in the community? What new populations can be engaged for meaningful collaboration? How can you tap into new partnerships to increase your Center's reach? Attend the "Visibility and Reach" Driving Change Session to hear proven strategies from network members around the country and brainstorm ideas that will work for you.


  • Olivia Raynor, PhD: Tarjan Center at UCLA
  • Kara Ayers, PhD: University of Cincinnati University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities 
  • Sandra Root-Elledge, MA: Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND) 
  • Jean Beatson, EdD, RN: Vermont Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities 
  • Will Francis, MBA: Tarjan Center at UCLA