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AUCD - SIG: Health & Disability

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pdf File Health and Disability SIG 2014 Agenda 10 28 Update (2).pdf (182KB) [download]

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Location: Mount Vernon Square A

Session Description

Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, are made up of individuals in the AUCD network who have a common topical interest. SIGs, which are open to anyone in the network including trainees, serve as a mechanism for sharing information, engaging in dialogue, and generating new ideas. SIGs are led by one or more individuals from the network (with AUCD staff support if needed); they typically meet in-person at the AUCD Conference and may share information via emails, conference calls, or webinars throughout the year. Because SIGs are driven by the interests of the AUCD membership, new SIGs may emerge while ones that have run their course may disband. Agenda Download the agenda at right when available. Contact Ilka Riddle

(5 minutes)


Welcome & Introductions


(25 minutes)

Small Group Discussion: Health Disparity Areas for People with a Disability

What are the top priorities in these areas? What can the SIG do in the next year to address?  The next three years?

1.   Sexual Health

2.   Nutrition and Health Promotion

3.   Dental Health

(15 minutes)

Small Group Discussion:
Reports from each group

(15 minutes)

Communication Throughout The Year

1. Sixby15 Campaign (    
--update on Healthy Living goal

2. Public Health is for Everyone (

--submit your practical tools and resources

3. Share general updates
--Use our listserv ([email protected] )







Network Contact:

Ilka Riddle, PhD

UC UCEDD Director

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

3333 Burnet Avenue, MLC 4002

Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039

Phone: 513-803-3620

Fax: 513-803-0072

Email: [email protected]


Staff Contacts:

Adriane K. Griffen, MPH, MCHES

Director of Public Health

Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD)

1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 1000

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: 301-588-8252 x 208

Email: [email protected]