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AUCD - Pre-Conference Workshop 8: Building Effective Infographics and Designing for Optimal User Experience

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Sunday, November 17, 2013 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: Meeting Room 16

Session Description

In today's data-saturated online environments, a content-rich report, tastefully-designed website, or fun new application is no longer enough. Your use of new media, graphics, infographics, and effectively organized and accessible information now determines the success and failure of your outreach efforts.

In this workshop, attendees will learn from two of DC's best (a) the why, when, and how to create an effective infographic to convey your message and (b) how to evaluate and restructure your digital content to ensure optimal accessibility and usability.

Featured Presenter(s)


Sibyl Edwards


Sibyl Edwards is a digital art director, user-experience designer and strategist with over eight years creating successful digital campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit associations and startups. Sibyl works with organizations to help build their digital presence and develop strategies to grow their business and build their brands. Utilizing the latest trends in design and technology, Sibyl crafts a visual story for some of the nation's top-rated brands. Her experience includes conceptualizing and designing media such as: websites, online ads and apps for a variety of publishing platforms and social networks.

Sibyl has worked with many of the top agencies and companies in the Metropolitan DC area such as [email protected], Rosetta Stone, Agency Q, Vocus, and Marriott. She has also led the design and strategy for some of the most innovative online advertising campaigns and brands such as: BP, Avis, USA Today, FEMA, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, United Nations Foundation, and the Center For American Progress.

As President of DC Web Women (DCWW), one of DC's longest-running tech nonprofits for women, Sibyl volunteers her time helping to support and advocate for women in internet and tech-related industries. You can find several examples of Sibyl's work here.


Will Carroll

Will Carroll

Will Carroll is Principal and Creative Director of Geoill. Geoill is dedicated to producing innovative creative designs that primarily focuses on infographics and interactive presentations. Will believes that overly complex visuals are not always effective when explaining ideas, processes, concepts, or data. Simplified visuals are necessary to reach an audience that may not be experts in the field that is being explained. He has created visual and interactive presentations for medical companies, news agencies, broadcast corporations, and non profits.

You can find select examples of Will's work in infographics here and here, and in animated infographics here and here.