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AUCD - Pre-Conference Workshop 3: Trainees Only: Transforming Our Work Through Strengths-Based Leadership

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pdf File Transforming Our Work Through Strengths-Based Leadership (1,010KB) [download]

Sunday, November 17, 2013 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Meeting Room 4

Session Description

In our work, we often focus on the strengths and assets of those we serve. We are less likely to focus on our strengths as professionals in a particular field of practice. In this experiential workshop, you will be introduced to the concept of Strengths-Based Leadership and explore ways to develop professionally by focusing on studying some of your innate talents and discussing ways to develop these talents into strengths. By focusing on your strengths, you may have greater ability to transform your work. What is unique, special, and strong about you? How is this similar/different from others? How can we work together to support each other? How do we work together to make greater impact in our work?

Workshop Objectives

Participants in this workshop will:

  1. Discuss Strengths-Based Leadership Theory
  2. Identify and discuss your leadership strengths
  3. Design a Leadership Development Plan (LDP) to identify action steps to integrate strengths into your work.
  4. Discuss strategies to lead from your strengths.

Workshop Participants

This workshop may be for you if you say YES to any or all of the following:

  1. I want to forge my own path to leadership.
  2. I want a new role/responsibility/job/career.
  3. I want to increase my level of satisfaction/engagement at work.
  4. I want to explore what makes me a leader.
  5. I want to self-identify as a leader.
  6. I want to feel alive, satisfied, and passion-filled about my professional and personal decisions.
  7. I want time and space to self-reflect.
  8. I appreciate (or want to appreciate) the value of self-awareness related to leadership.
  9. I have a leadership style that is different from everyone else's style.
  10. Nobody understands me.
  11. I want to feel confident and secure in who I am.
  12. I want to focus on building my leadership strengths.
  13. I want to have greater impact in my work or life.
  14. I want to feel the fire in my belly.
  15. I want to trust myself (more).
  16. I want to have fun while I learn.
  17. I am tired, burned out, overwhelmed.
  18. I have a brilliant idea that I want to develop.
  19. I have been unsuccessfully looking outside myself for the answers to my questions.
  20. I want to create meaningful connections to others exploring leadership in the MCH field.

Required Additional Purchase

Attendees are required to purchase this book before attending the workshop: "Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow," and bring it with them to the event. Please purchase a NEW print copy of the book (not a used copy, not an e-book) so you can access the one-time code for the online assessment. The book contains the required leadership self-assessment (below).

Required Pre-session Work

Attendees are required to complete the leadership self-assessment (found in the book) before attending the workshop, and submit the results to Kris not later than October 31 ([email protected]).  You do not need to read the entire book prior to attending the workshop.  Please purchase a NEW copy of the book so that you can access the one-time code for the online assessment. 

Featured Presenter(s)

Kris Risley

Kris Risley, DrPH, CPCC: Maternal and Child Health Program, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago; and Leadership Coach

Kris lives in Chicago and is the Continuing Education Director for the Maternal and Child Health Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) School of Public Health. She is also a professional leadership coach. In her work at UIC, she has developed an expertise in coaching, personal leadership development, and emotional intelligence. In 2007, she developed a coaching and leadership development program for graduate students in maternal and child health and in 2009 she developed a personal leadership development and coaching program for maternal and child health professionals working in state and local health departments, community-based organizations, and other not-for-profit and government agencies/organizations that have a mission to improve the health and well-being of women, men, children, and families.

Kris has a bachelor and master's degree in developmental psychology. She has a doctoral degree in public health with a specialization in maternal and child health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Kris became a professional coach in 2004 and received her coach training and certification through The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA ( In addition to her work at UIC, Kris maintains a private coaching practice and provides personal as well as executive/leadership coaching and training.