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AUCD - SIG: Sexual Health

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pdf File AUCD Sexual Health Special Interest Group Agenda2012.pdf (179KB) [download]

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Location: F-Fairchild-East

Session Description

AUCD Sexual Health Special Interest Group Agenda, 2012
1) Welcome

a. Introductions
b. Areas of expertise/interest
c. Location

2) Sexual health - our objective with the group
3) Looking beyond AUCD to find experts and those interested

a. Spectrum of experts - including researchers and advocates
b. Index card - put their name, area of interest/expertise, email; suggested others (fill out

4) Conference presentations - how to make sexual health marketable to AUCD
5) Deliverables

a. 2-3 webinars on content specific - general dates
b. 2-3 discussion sessions - Google plus, conference call, Skype **OPEN to others in the network**

i. What's going on in the network? - post on announcements
ii. Research focus - potential collaborations, IRB issues,
iii. Advocates - questions for the experts (bring in COCA)