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AUCD - Poster Roundtable #1

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011 10:30AM - 11:45AM

Location: Independence Hall

Session Description

Quality Practices Around Early Diagnosis of ASD and Implementing Act Early

Poster Roundtables are an opportunity to participate in a discussion of select posters that focus on a common theme. Each roundtable is scheduled during the 75-minute Concurrent Session time slots on Tuesday.

Located in the poster exhibit hall with posters and their speakers situated around a table to facilitate discussion, these small-group sessions will include a very brief introduction of each of the involved posters, with the bulk of the time devoted to open discussion around the common roundtable theme.  An engaging and interactive exchange of ideas and interaction between participants is encouraged.


Contrast between MCHAT and ADOS scores in 18-month-olds with and without later diagnostic outcomes of autism


Rebecca Landa, Ph.D., Director, Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Kennedy Krieger Institute, UCEDD/LEND
Rebecca Landa, Ph.D., Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD, United States, MD - Kennedy Krieger Institute, UCEDD/LEND;

In a prospective study of autism, MCHAT and ADOS measures were administered at 18 months to groups at high and low risk for autism. Outcome assessments, with diagnostic classification, occurred at 36 months. The sensitivity and specificity of the MCHAT will be discussed.

Family-Centered Inclusive Practices Represented in Interdisciplinary Clinical Evaluation Reports of Young Children Diagnosed with ASD and other Developmental Disabilities


Cheryl Jorgensen, Ph.D., Project Director and Assistant Research Professor, Institute on Disability, UCEDD
Cabrinni Kulush, M.S., Trainee and Parent, Durham, NH, United States, NH - New Hampshire LEND Program;
Ann Dillon, M. Ed., Coordinator of Family Centered Training & Services, Durham, NH, United States, NH - New Hampshire LEND Program;
Elizabeth Humphries, M.Ed., LEND Interdisciplinary Training Director, Durham, NH, United States, NH - New Hampshire LEND Program;
, NH;
, NH;
, NH;
, NH;
, South Acworth, NH;

This session will present results of a research project that identified exemplars of family-centered inclusive practices in interdisciplinary clinical evaluation reports for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental disability between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. Recommendations for the field will also be presented.

The Diagnosis of Autism in Community Pediatric Settings: Does Advanced Training Facilitate Practice Change?


Zachary Warren, Ph.D., Dr., Vanderbilt University, UCEDD/LEND

This training model was designed to enhance ASD diagnosis and consultation within community pediatric practice, in order to address the time lag between initial concerns and formal diagnostic classification/intervention provision. Results from the training--including changes in practioners' attitudes towards issuing ASD diagnoses, changes in strategies used in practice, and perceived obstacles to model implementation--are discussed.

Bridging the Gap: Raising Awareness & Increasing Accessibility to Autism Services in Non-English Speaking Communities


Sarah Hoffmeier, MSW, Family Service & Training Coordinator, KS TASN Autism & Tertiary Behavior Supports
Lori Chambers, MS, SLP-CCC, Kansas Instructional Support Network/KU CCHD LEND, Kansas City, KS, United States;

In the southwest region of Kansas, research suggests lower prevalence of autism spectrum disorders among Hispanics than among non-Hispanic whites. In an effort to address this disparity, Kansas Instructional Support Network (KISN) and KU?s Center for Child Health and Development address this area of need through awareness and training

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Project Conectar: Building the Capacity of a Community to Learn the Signs Act Early


Bobbie Vaughn, PhD, Research Associate Professor, Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, UCEDD
linda Callejas, PhD, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL;
Myrna Veguilla, PhD, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL;

This two-year RTOI employed the use of natural helpers in a Hispanic community to help familes learn the signs act early. Presenters will provide quantitative and qualitative data that shows the impact of a model of natural helpers or promotoras in providing screening and information to Hispanic families on recognizing critical milestones and getting access to services. Participants will receive a project version of Milestone Moments in English and Spanish