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Sunday, November 6, 2011 11:30AM - 06:00PM

Location: Capitol Room

Session Description

11:30am - When I am not Alone

Length: 20 minutes

Producer: Rhianon Gutierrez

Presenter: None 


Description:   WHEN I'M NOT ALONE tells the story of Sam Durbin, born female but raised as a male.  He experienced unspeakable abuse, never learned to read or write, and drifted in and out of institutions. Homeless and alone, he discovered Integrity House, a clubhouse for people with disabilities in Southern California.  He learned to read, write, and advocate for himself and his peers, eventually becoming a published author and nationwide advocate for people with disabilities.



11:50am- Look! I'm in College

Length: 30 minutes

Producer: Ken Browne Productions

Presenter: Ken Browne


Description:  This half-hour documentary follows four New York City kids through an extraordinary time in their lives. Together with Pace University, its faculty, and students, Terence, Benny, Donald, and Rayquan achieved a small miracle in the world of higher education. All four young men are African-Americans between the ages of 18 and 20. All are NYC public school students from challenging socio-economic backgrounds. And all are autistic.




12:30pm- Cowboy Song

Length: 59 minutes

Producer: Marie Regan

Presenter: Marie Regan


Description:   In 2000, filmmaker Marie Regan begins filming her father, Bill, as he takes over responsibility for the care of his brother Mike, who has lived in a special school for 40 years. Mike is unable to speak or concentrate, has frequent seizures and is now confined to a wheelchair. While it is hard to tell how much Mike even takes in, one constant in his life has been the family's belief in his enjoyment of cowboy songs, which Bill tries to incorporate into their new routines.




1:40pm- Love Limits

Length: 41minutes

Producer: Species-Being Films, LLC

Presenter: None


Description:  Warren Barrow and Cory Ann Rudy are in love. They enjoy outings to New York City, picnics, long phone conversations, and sing-a-longs. Cory, who gets upset if anybody else pushes Warren's wheelchair while she's around, hopes they will one day marry. Warren's still not sure about marriage but can't imagine life without Cory. Beautifully filmed, LOVE LIMITS is an exploration of Warren and Cory's individual stories and their life together.


2:25pm - If Everybody Works: Employment Success Stories

Length: 30 minutes

Producer: Sarah Renner

Presenter: None


As part of Iowa's Employment First initiative, two videos featuring success stories of competitively employed workers with disabilities have been created for use with various audiences.  One video features workers with disabilities pursuing wage-employment and the other video features entrepreneurs with disabilities who have stated their own businesses.




3:15pm - Luckey

Length: 84 minutes

Producer: Species-Being Films, LLC

Presenter: None


From re-sparking romance with his wife, to keeping his architecture firm going, Tom struggles as newly paralyzed. Keeping his artistic vision, independence and sanity becomes a tricky balance. LUCKEY is about a family in crisis and one man's effort to create new meaning in the wake of a devastating accident.



4:40pm - Dad's In Heaven With Nixon

Length: 86 minutes

Producer: Tom Murray/Two Sons Productions

Presenter: None


Tom Murray presents his brother Chris (1960- ), through Chris's relationship to their mother, their father, who died when Chris was about 20, to Tom, to the two jobs Chris has in New Haven as a janitor and a supermarket stock boy, and to his art, sold through KS Art, a New York City gallery. Chris is autistic, living on his own for more than 30 years, navigating public transportation, affectionate with his mom and brother, certain that his father is in Heaven, keeping his eye on his sons and friends with Richard Nixon, a foe on earth. Chris's creations are cheerful landscapes of New York buildings, meticulously done in multi-media. He likes his life, just as it is.