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AUCD - Poster Roundtable - Act Early

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm

Location: Independence Center B

Session Description

Located in the poster exhibit hall with posters and speakers situated around a table to facilitate discussion, this small-group session on "Act Early" will begin with a very brief introduction of each of the posters; the majority of the time will be allotted for an engaging exchange of ideas and interaction between participants.


ACT Early for Autism Hawaii


JoAnn Yuen, EdD, Associate Director, Hawaii Center on Disability Studies UCEDD/JABSOM LEND Program
Jean Johnson, PhD, Center on Disability Studies, Honolulu, HI, HI - Center on Disability Studies, UCEDD/LEND
ACT Early for Autism is a partnership between Hawaii and the CDC to educate parents about the early signs of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and to advocate for developmental screening (M-CHAT) and intervention.

Parents as Detailers to Increase Primary Care Provider Referrals for Early Intervention


Rob Wild, Research Associate, GSU Center for Leadership in Disability
Daniel Crimmins, PhD, Center for Leadership in Disability/GSU, Atlanta, GA, GA - GSU UCEDD
Stacey Ramirez, Center for Leadership in Disability/GSU, Atlanta, GA, GA - GSU UCEDD
Donnie Winokur, Center for Leadership in Disability/GSU, Atlanta, GA, GA - GSU UCEDD

Through the use of the Learn the Signs/Act Early campaign and the Bright Futures initiative, this project aims to prove that parents of children with disabilities can effectively serve as ?academic detailers? to primary care providers to increase developmental surveillance, screening, and referral for children who have suspected developmental delays.

Project Conectar: Natural Helpers, Families, and Providers Perspectives on Developmental Delays and Service Access in a Hispanic Community


Bobbie Vaughn, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, UCEDD
Linda Callejas, M.A., University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, FL - Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, UCEDD

This presentation will provide participants with an overview of Project Conectar and the innovative use of natural helpers in providing support to Hispanic families. Further, presenters will describe preliminary Year 1 findings from Hispanic families, natural helpers, and providers on developmental delays and service access for young children in Little Havana-Miami.