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AUCD - Workshop: Postsecondary Education

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Think College: Grant Opportunities for UCEDDs to Increase Access to Postsecondary Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Sunday, October 31, 2010 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: Potomac Room II

Session Description

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In FY2010, Think College funded eight mini-grants to UCEDDs to facilitate state-level planning to increase opportunities for postsecondary education for people with intellectual disabilities in their respective states. This session will feature presentations on activities and lessons learned from those grantees. In addition, the FY2011 Think College Mini Grant Competition will be discussed. Descriptions of the types of grants available will be shared:

  1. Statewide strategic planning grants
  2. Implementation grants
  3. Jointly funded grant with the National Service Inclusion Project of the Corporation for National and Community Service

Think College staff will share procedures for applying and tips on what makes up a successful application.

Download presentation slides in pdf format.


Featured Presenter(s)

  1. Debra Hart, MS; Director of the Education and Transition Team, Institute for Community Inclusion, University of MA-Boston; Boston, MA
  2. Cate Weir, MEd; Project Coordinator for Think College, Institute for Community Inclusion, University of MA-Boston; Boston, MA