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AUCD - Workshop: Popular Education

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Popular Education: Learning Has Never Been This Fun!

Sunday, October 31, 2010 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Location: Potomac Room IV

Session Description

Do you want to shake-up your facilitation skills and make your presentations more exciting, accessible and engaging? If yes, then Popular Education (PE) may be what you are looking for! PE is a teaching methodology that:

  • Is inclusive and accessible to participants with varying abilities and levels of literacy;
  • Allows participants to identify and describe issues that are personally relevant;
  • Promotes - "Everyone is a teacher and a learner";
  • Provides non-traditional methods of learning i.e., small group discussions, art, games, problem solving, and role playing; and
  • Encourages and empowers participants to develop solutions and action-oriented strategies.

Learn successful PE techniques that have been used for teaching various health and wellness issues, "Participatory Action Research" concepts and Community Engagement techniques.

Featured Presenter(s)

Angela Weaver
Angela Weaver
 Joe Basey
 Joe Basey

  1. Angela Weaver, MEd; Project Coordinator, Oregon Office on Disability and Health - Oregon Institute on Disability & Development
  2. Joe Basey, BA; Chair of the Oregon Institute on Disability & Development's Community Partner's Council, Oregon Institute on Disability & Development