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AUCD - Awards Gala & Hosted Reception (semi-formal attire)

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Featuring a Performance by Blue O'Connell

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 4:45 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Regency Ballroom E/F/Center & Potomac Rooms

Session Description

The Awards Gala is a time for the network to honor deserving individuals who have made distinct contributions to research, education, policy, services, and the lives of people with disabilities or special health care needs and their families. A performance by singer/songwriter Blue O'Connell will provide a musical backdrop for the awards ceremony. Following the ceremony, attendees are invited to the 2010 AUCD Gala for an enjoyable evening of food and fellowship.

Blue O'Connell

Blue O'Connell is a uniquely compelling singer/songwriter, guitarist and composer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Originally from Chicago, Blue got her start in musical performance over 25 years ago accompanying professional singers. She began playing the guitar many years before her profound hearing loss was brought to her attention from a composer friend. As the story goes, she was invited over to hear his newest piano composition and waited until it became evident she never heard the music he played. It was then she took her first steps towards getting help for her hearing loss. That was 27 years ago and in January of 2009, she underwent cochlear implant surgery. While one may wonder from her story how it is she came to be an accomplished musician, all one needs to do is to hear her music to know that she has successfully overcome a limitation that may have discouraged others to pursue a career in music.

Blue is currently recording a new CD of her own original compositions featuring instrumental as well as songs with lyrics. In addition, she is a Certified Music Practitioner and works at the University of Virginia Medical Center playing therapeutic music for patients. She is also employed with VSA in Charlottesville playing music for groups of people with developmental disabilities. She is a warm and engaging performer with a gift for creating memorable events wherever she performs.

Learn more about Blue on her website at