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AUCD - Self Determination Symposium: Building Capacity

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Monday, November 1, 2010 1:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Location: Potomac Room I/II

Session Description

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The objectives of this symposium are to:

  1. provide an overview of self-determination as conceptualized by the National Gateway to Self-Determination, a consortium of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (Missouri, Kansas, Oregon, New York, Illinois) in partnership with a National Self-Determination Alliance (including self-advocates, families, and numerous national partners);
  2. discuss mediating variables that lead to greater self-determination such as social supports, community networks, and social capital;
  3. provide profiles of self-advocates who are living self-determined lives; and
  4. facilitate a series of interactive conversations that link and build on each other in an effort to discover new insights into the questions and issues related to self-determination scaling-up efforts on local, state, and national levels.

The presentations and activities associated with these four objectives will reflect important beliefs upon which the National Gateway to Self-Determination is founded. They include:

  • SD is best considered in the context of a social-ecological framework
  • Development of SD is a lifelong process
  • Scaling-up SD training activities must occur within an evidence-driven framework
  • The development of SD is a means to obtaining an improved quality of life
  • People with developmental disabilities must be equal partners


Session Agenda


Mike Wehmeyer (20 minutes)
Overview of NTI Project in general and highlight products.
Download presentation slides in pdf format.


Jim Gardner (20 minutes)
Social capital, self-determination, personal quality of life.
Download presentation slides in pdf format.

1:55-2:15 Nancy Ward (20 minutes)
Personal reflections of self-determination and its application in her life.
2:15-2:35 Angela Novak Amado (20 minutes)
Social networking.
Download presentation slides in pdf format.
2:35-3:00 Panel Q&A Session based on presentations
3:00-4:30 Prioritizing Strategies for Scaling Up Self-Determination at UCEDDs
3:00-3:10 Choose a table with new faces.
Table Facilitators (& note takers):

  1. Andy Bacon (George Gotto)
  2. Hill Walker (Jana Peterson)
  3. Tamar Heller (Ronda Jenson)
  4. Mike Wehmeyer (Susan Palmer)
  5. Tom McVeigh (Sheli Reynolds)
Speakers will also pick a table.
3:10-3:40 Round Table Discussion
Please recommend 3 strategies that your UCEDD could use to promote or scale up self-determination in your state.
3:40-4:30 Wrap-Up (Carl Calkins, facilitate)
  1. Each table facilitator will give a brief wrap-up of their discussion and recommendations.
  2. After each wrap-up, the large group will prioritize, using clickers, each table's recommendations.
  3. Time should allow for discussion of recommendations that don't receive a consensus vote.

Featured Presenter(s)

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  1. Michael Wehmeyer; University of Kansas, Co-PI for the NTI Gateway to Self-Determination
  2. Angela Novak Amado; University of Minnesota
  3. James F. Gardner; President and CEO, CQL, The Council on Quality and Leadership
  4. Nancy Ward; Self Advocates Becoming Empowered