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AUCD - Media Room Open

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Monday, November 1, 2010 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Location: Capitol Room

Session Description


10:15am - Mr. Blue Sky

Length: 84 minutes

Producer: Tom Lee, BlueSky Magic productions

Presenter: None


Description: Mr. Blue Sky is a heart warming love story, which is about hope for children born with Down syndrome and is an inspiration for all children born with any intellectual or developmental challenges. It's message is clear: Social inclusion and acceptance for all individuals regardless of disabilities.





11:45am - Every Speed

Length: 11 minutes

Producers:  Julia Fuller and Lindsay Martin, Institute on Disabilities, UCEDD, Temple University

Presenters: Julia Fuller and Lindsary Martin


Description: "Every Speed" is an experimental short documentary that explores ideas about body movement, technology, and dependency. The film addresses issues often taken for granted by the able-bodied population, such as accessibility and dependency on movement technology. It also examines perceptions of value and time associated with various forms of movement, from micro to macro.




12:07pm - Think College: The Documentary - video trailer

Length: 10 minutes

Producer: Debra Hart, Institute for Community Inclusion, UCEDD, Boston, MA

Presenter: Debra Hart


Description: Nationwide, students with intellectual disabilities are attending college in greater numbers. But how does higher education become more inclusive? This documentary features students, professors, administrators, and researchers asking and answering tough questions about intellectual diversity on college campuses in the 21st century.


12:18pm - Sound and Fury: Six Years Later

Length: 29 minutes

Producer: Josh Aronson, Aronson Films

Presenter: None


Description: This is an engaging look at Heather Artinian six years after her family's saga captured audiences in the Academy Award-nominated documentary "Sound and Fury". In the first film, Heather's parents decided not to implant her. In this stand-alone follow-up film we learn that Heather finally did get the implant at age 9. She is now popular at school and excels academically.




1:15pm - The Gillian Film

Length: 44 minutes

Producer: Joanne Hershfield, Chair, Curriculum in Women's Studies, University of Chapel Hill at North Carolina

Presenter: Rachel Gordon, Welcome Change Productions


Description: "The Gillian Film" is a moving portrait of an exceptional young woman who works at a local veterinary clinic, rides horses, takes dance classes, and has developmental disabilities. When Gillian decides to move out of the house, her mother must come to terms with letting go.


2:08pm - The Collector of Bedford Street

Length: 34 minutes

Producer: Alice Elliott, Welcome Change Productions

Presenter: Rachel Gordon


Description: The Academy Award nominated "The Collector of Bedford Street" is a short documentary film that follows Larry Selman, the film maker's 60 year old neighbor. A community activist and fundraiser with developmental disabilities, Larry raises thousands of dollars for charity every year while he lives at the poverty level. Because of Larry's 20 years of service to his neighborhood, the community created a supplemental need adult trust fund for him. This was the first time that a group, rather than an individual's family, did this.


2:51pm - Opening His Eyes to the World

Length: 80 minutes

Producer: Louise Tiranoff, Louise Tiranoff Productions

Presenter: Louise Tiranoff


Description: "Opening His Eyes to the World" is an hour-long documentary about Wells, an autistic child. We witness Wells' journey from diagnosis through intensive therapy, and are amazed as he progresses from a solitary two-year-old to a first grader engaged with the world around him. Louise will facilitate an interactive discussion after the film to engage viewers on how the film can be used as a teaching tool and answer questions.