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AUCD - NTDC Council Meeting

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Sunday, October 31, 2010 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Location: Kennedy/Jefferson Room

Session Description

  • Introductions
    • Attendees
    • New Officers
    • New AUCD Liaison with MCHB-Jamie Perry
  • Mentors for New Training Directors
    • New Training Directors assigned to mentors
    • Training Directors Peer Mentoring
  • Updates from AUCD
    • George Jesien and Dan Crimmins
    • Crystal Pariseau
      • Early Career Professionals Site
      • Virtual Trainee
      • Trainee Resources
  • NTDC Products
    • Updating Trainee Linkages-Sue Pearson/Roland Ellis
    • Interdisciplinary Trainee Handbook-Stephan Viehweg
    • Interdisciplinary Training Guide-4th Edition-David Helm
  • Updates on Issues of Interest
    • MCHB Diversity Training Peer Collaborative
    • Interdisciplinary Training Research (NC)
    • 2010 Guidance
    • Medical Home Competencies
  • Table Topic Discussions
  • Next Steps
    • Work Groups
    • Steering Committee







The mission of the Council is to identify the mutual needs of training directors from the UCEDD and LEND networks and to promote collaborative actions to improve the effectiveness of interdisciplinary training.
The Council fulfills this mission to the Association and its constituent membership by pursuing the following goals and objectives:


  • To serve as a forum for the identification, discussion, and resolution of issues affecting interdisciplinary training.
  • To serve as a representative voice of the training concerns within the AUCD network, and as such, to influence overall policies and procedures that affect training.
  • To act as a communication vehicle for the implementation of national training policies through liaison with other groups.