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AUCD - Leading Change Session: From There to Here, from Here to There

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Leading Change in Transportation

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Location: Grand Central

Session Description

About this Session

Accessible and reliable transportation is often the key to full community participation in employment, community integration, recreation, healthcare, and education. In this session, we will discuss multiple issues faced by policy makers and infrastructure planners as they design and implement accessible transportation solutions. We will learn about innovative community-level planning for improved transportation services in urban, rural and frontier settings. And, we will discuss the myriad issues related to transportation technology innovations and their impact on people's lives. Panelists come to this discussion with diverse experience and varied solutions to transportation needs in communities, large and small.


Relevant Resources

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Participant Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  1. Gain awareness of multiple issues faced by policy makers and infrastructure planners as they design and implement accessible transportation systems and solutions.
  2. Gain awareness of community-level transportation successes and how they came about in urban and rural settings; similar problems-different solutions.
  3. Gain awareness of transportation technology innovations and how they address transportation access by people with varied abilities.

Panelist Questions (preliminary)

Each panelist to address at least two of the following questions in a 10-12 minute statement. We will ensure that all questions are addressed. The balance of the session will be a Q&A discussion with audience.

1. How have communities identified problems and then created viable solutions?
2. Who were/are the community partners?
3. What innovative solutions did communities come up with?
4. How are innovations integrated into existing systems and thereby meeting large community needs?
5. What types of technology innovations are used to meet transportation needs (currently and in the future)?


Featured Presenter(s)


Martin Blair, Ph.D., Executive Director, Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities, University of Montana, University of Montana.

[email protected]  

Dr. Martin Blair is the Executive Director of the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities, Montana's UCEDD. Blair builds and strengthens strategic relationships with partners from healthcare, education, business and human service disciplines at university, community, state, federal and international levels. At the Rural Institute, he has expanded the Institute's research and training initiatives in autism, school reform, family engagement and leadership, disability policy, tribal community school improvement, and home and community-based services. Blair is an AUCD Co-Chair of the Public Policy Committee and member-at-large board member.


Allie Hartzler, Innovation Coordinator, City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

[email protected]

Allie Hartzler is passionate about making things better. She grew up in rural Minnesota and attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. After graduating with a degree in Communications, she worked at Metro Transit, the local transportation agency. Quickly, Allie discovered her love for using data to tell the right story and change behavior. Today, Allie leads the Innovation Division at the City of Sioux Falls, SD. Through collaboration, human-centered design, and a lot of post-it notes, Allie empowers others to be effective, creative problem solvers. By building a culture of innovation and data-driven decision-making, Allie cultivates better ideas for a better quality of life in her community.


Jaime Junior. LEND Fellow, Emerging Leader, and public transportation user. Detroit, Michigan. 

[email protected]

Jaime Junior is a dedicated Disability Rights advocate who is passionate about Community Integration and Economic Justice for those within the disability community. Jaime is the COO of Warriors on Wheels of Metro-Detroit, a grassroots organization whose motto is "advancing the cause of disability rights." In 2018, Jaime was appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to the Michigan Developmental Disability Council. Jaime holds the distinguished title of LEND Fellow from MI-DDI at Wayne State University where she is a student in the Urban Studies program. Jaime works as a Peer Mentor and Facilitator in the LEAD project through the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition. Jaime has received several achievement awards such as the JVS Strictly Business "Employee of the Year" award for her work with the ExperienceSeniorPower project, an intergenerational computer learning program.


Scott Bogren, CEO, Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA). 

[email protected] 

Community Transportation Association of America Executive Director Scott Bogren has been working with, writing about and covering the community and public transportation industry for more than three decades. His experience with CTAA includes being Editor-in-Chief of Community Transportation magazine; crafting the Association's various legislative, policy and regulatory positions on Capitol Hill; and shaping CTAA's communications, training and leadership activities. He has been Executive Director at CTAA since 2016. A proud graduate of Indiana University's Journalism program, Scott lives in Germantown, Md., with his wife Beth and their two children Riley and Ella. In his spare time he like sports, kayaking and reading.