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AUCD - SIG: Health & Disability

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doc File Health and Disability SIG Agenda (137KB) [download]

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Location: Mount Vernon A

Session Description

Session Description
The Health & Disability Special Interest Group of AUCD focuses on issues of health and wellness for people with disabilities, specifically health care access, sharing resources on inclusive public health programs, and healthcare transition.

Healthcare Access
AUCD leads the "Health is for Everyone Action Team (HEAT)," a team of different organizations working to include education about the unique needs of people with Developmental Disabilities (DD) in the training curricula for medical students, residents, and physicians. Members of this SIG collaborate on medical education resources and recommendations for training medical students, residents, and physicians, as well as a resolution to support inclusion of DD in medical training curricula.

Sharing Resources on Inclusive Public Health Programs
The Health and Disability SIG is looking for practical, hands-on resources such as field guides, factsheets, checklists, brochures and other tools that members of the SIG may have developed to share in Public Health is for Everyone, Resources to support inclusive public health programs are featured. Users can search and browse disability and health related resources by their interests and professional needs. Resource topics include: Nutrition, Health care access, Physical activity, Emergency preparedness, Obesity, Accessibility, Tobacco, and general inclusion issues. We want to highlight programs that integrate people with disabilities in public health. This is an easy way to spotlight your work!

Healthcare Transition 4ALL!
The Health and Disability SIG members participate in a national learning group involving UCEDD, LEND, and IDDRC members of the AUCD Network on healthcare transition. Our goal is to develop an action plan that involves the whole AUCD Network and while using the learning group as a safe space to share lessons learned. Attend the AUCD conference SIG meeting at learn more!

For more information on the Health and Disability SIG, contact Ilka Riddle.

SIGs are made up of individuals in the AUCD network that have common topical interest. SIGs, which are open to anyone in the network, serve as a mechanism for sharing information, engaging in dialogue, and generating new ideas. SIGs are led by one or more individuals from the network (with AUCD staff support if needed); they typically meet in person at the AUCD Conference and may share information via email, conference call, or webinars throughout the year. Because SIGs are driven by the interests of the AUCD membership, new SIGs may emerge while ones that have run their course may disband.


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