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AUCD - Posters: Pre-Service Training

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Monday, November 9, 2009 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Meeting Room Level


The University of North Carolina MCH Leadership Training Consortium: Building the Capacity to Develop Interdisciplinary MCH Leaders
Angela Rosenberg, PT, DrPH, Associate Professor and Training Director, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND
Bill Vann, DDS, UNC-CH Ped Dent, NC-Ctr for Dev & Learning
Jessica Lee, DDS, UNC-CH Ped Dent, NC-Ctr for Dev & Learning
Jan Dodds, RD, PhD, UNC Dpt of Nutrition
Marlyn Wells, BS, NC Title V Program-Family Council
Claudia Fernandez, DrPH, UNC-School of Public Health-MCH
Marcia Roth, MPH, UNC School of Public Health-MCH
Kathleen Rounds, SW, PhD, UNC School of Social Work
Jack Roush, PhD, UNC Dpt of Allied Health Sciences
Lew Margolis, MD, PhD, UNC School of Public Health-MCH
This poster describes the collaborative Leadership Training Consortium consisting of 5 University of North Carolina- based (UNC-CH) Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) funded leadership training programs in order to advance the interdisciplinary (ID) nature of leadership education in developing healthcare leaders. In response to a suggestion by the MCHB, five MCHB-funded training programs?nutrition, pediatric dentistry, social work, LEND (including physical therapy), and public health?created a consortium with four goals shared by these diverse disciplines: (1) train MCH professionals for field leadership; (2) address the special health and social needs of women, infants, children and adolescents, with emphasis on a public health population-based approach; (3) foster interdisciplinary practice; and(4) assure competencies, such as family-centered and culturally competent practice, needed to serve effectively the MCH population. This poster details the evolution of the development of the Consortium including: Goals, Development Process, Self-assessment, Curriculum Development, and Opportunities/Challenges.

Disability and Diversity Studies Certificate Program
Norma Jean Stodden, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Center on Disability Studies, UCEDD/LEND
Steve E. Brown, PhD, Center on Disability Studies, HI
Kelly Roberts, PhD, Center on Disability Studies, HI
The Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii is offering a fifteen-credit graduate level Certificate in Disability and Diversity Studies through distance education beginning in fall 2009. This poster highlights courses for students and professionals across disciplines which provide interdisciplinary experiences in joint planning, decision-making, and goal setting.

An Assessment of the LEND Program Curricula Sexual Health Content
Donna Gibson, MSN, Nurse Practitioner, LEND Trainee, Children's Seashore House/ Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, LEND

An online survey was sent to training directors of 38 LEND Programs nationwide who ranked their LEND curriculum according to eight components of the sexual health program for children with disabilities as published in Pediatrics (Murphy & Elias, 2006)

Attaining MCH Leadership Competencies: during training...and one, five and ten years later
Karen Edwards, MD MPH, Co-UCEDD Director, Westchester Institute for Human Development, UCEDD/LEND

Trainees work toward attaining MCH Leadership Competencies both during training and throughout their careers. Reporting on leadership accomplishments in the trainee follow-up survey helps programs to assess their effectiveness in assisting trainees to become MCH leaders. Programs can use various methods to promote higher survey response rates.

Empowering Families After an ASD Diagnosis Through a Co-facilitated Support Group: The Effects of an Interdisciplinary Approach
Brandie Bolduc, M. Ed., Educational Consultant, New Hampshire LEND Program

An interdisciplinary team of social work and education LEND trainees co-facilitated two 6-week support groups for families whose child had a recent ASD diagnosis. The support group curriculum emphasized coping skills, intervention, advocacy, and knowledge of community resources. Qualitative analysis of the debriefing between co-facilitators examined the process, structure, and direction of the support group.

Using Service Learning with undergraduates to research and understand individuals with Autism
Nancy Getchell, Ph.D., Dr. , Center for Disabilities Studies, UCEDD/LEND
Sandy Kaiser, BA, University of Delaware
Dena Deglau, Ph.D., University of Delaware

At UD, we use service-learning projects to help undergraduates learn more about disabilities and the process of conducting research. For the past two years, 5 UD students have examined energy expenditure in adolescents with autism during walking, running, and playing Nintendo Wii. Positive research and student outcomes are discussed.

Training Medical Students to Communicate Effectively with People with Disabilities
Scott Lindgren, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Center for Disabilities and Development, UCEDD/LEND
Michael Hoenig, MA, IA - Iowa's University Center for Excellence on Disabilities
Ann Riley, MA, IA - Iowa's University Center for Excellence on Disabilities
Kay Degarmo, BA, IA - Iowa's University Center for Excellence on Disabilities

Communicating effectively with people with disabilities is a critical skill for physicians to learn. This presentation describes a program for training 3rd-year medical students to interact competently with children and adults with disabilities. Students report very high satisfaction with training, combined with significant increases in knowledge, skills, empathy, and confidence.

Status of Developmental Disabilities Education in Social Work Education
Kenneth Cunningham, M.S.W.; A.B.D., LEND Fellow, A. J. Pappanikou Center for Developmental Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND

This poster presentation will provide an overview of developmental disabilities content in accredited graduate schools of social work in the United States. Developmental disabilities content will be considered in terms of course content, areas of concentration and both research and practice opportunities.

Patrice Yasuda, Ph.D., CA-LEND Training Director, USC, Childrens Hospital, UCEDD/LEND
Patrice Yasuda, PhD, CA - USC UCEDD at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Marion Taylor Baer, PhD, RD, CA - USC UCEDD at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Fran Goldfarb, MA, CHES, CA - USC UCEDD at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Sonia Aller, PhD, CCC, CA - USC UCEDD at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Marian Williams, PhD, CA - USC UCEDD at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Douglas Vanderbilt, MD, CA - USC UCEDD at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

This poster will describe innovative approaches to expanding LEND training in autism: early identification, parent coaching post-diagnosis, and school-based team interventions at the request of parents, teachers, and administrators.

The Tiger 5: The development of a university based club that prepares students in allied health professions to work with individuals with disabilities.
Lauren Giovingo, Ph.D, Interdisciplinary Training Coordinator, Louisiana State University Human Development Center - New Orleans, UCEDD/LEND
Maria Blanco, M.S., LA - Louisiana UCEDDERS
Phillip Wilson, Ph.D., LA - Louisiana UCEDDERS
Jeanne Lunz, M.S., LA - Louisiana UCEDDERS

This poster will inform the audience of the development and preliminary data from a research driven campus based club. The Tiger 5 seeks to educate students from allied health professions about disability through a combination of didactics and opportunities to form relationships with individuals with disabilities.