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AUCD - Poster Symposium 3A: Training and Leadership 2

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Monday, November 18, 2019 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Location: Congressional A

Session Description

All posters for the AUCD Conference will be presented throughout Monday and Tuesday in a series of Poster Symposia that run at the same time as concurrent sessions. During these 75 minute poster symposia, 12-15 posters on a similar theme will be grouped together in a room. Posters will be displayed on large boards and have a table underneath for accompanying materials. The session will be introduced by a moderator, poster authors will be asked to provide a very brief introduction of their poster, and then attendees will be free to move about the room to speak with poster presenters directly for the remainder of the session. Attendees are also welcome to move between symposia rooms and view posters on other topics. Conference posters submitted ahead of time are also available electronically in the conference app and linked below.


Building an interactive, individualized leadership project curriculum for LEND trainees
Aubyn Stahmer, PhD, UCEDD Associate Director, UC Davis at the MIND Institute, UCEDD/LEND

We describe a newly developed curriculum for LEND trainees to assist in development of capstone projects. The curriculum includes strategies for collaborative project development that capitalizes on the diverse expertise and research experience across LEND trainees. We will present an overview of the modular curriculum that includes topics and activities related to evaluating research methods, study design, research ethics, data collection, management, analysis and interpretation and dissemination of results.

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Methodology for the Development of Leadership Curriculum in Early Intervention
Mary Beth Bruder, PhD, , A. J. Pappanikou Center for Developmental Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND

The purpose of this project is to identify knowledge, skills, and competencies for IDEA Part C/619 state administrators on leadership. Think tanks were used to collect raw data from state coordinators which was then refined into a list of competencies, which will be the basis for the development of a state administrator leadership curriculum.

Supports for Transition Age Youth with ASD and their Families-Developed in Partnership with LEND Trainees
Rebekah Hudock, PhD, Assistant Professor, Institute on Community Integration, UCEDD/LEND

Transitioning Together, a nationally recognized intervention for transition-aged youth with ASD and their families, is implemented across the country in agencies serving individuals with ASD. This talk features the work of two clinics who have collaborated to train, study, and provide interventions in partnership with LEND trainees. Benefits of the clinic, research, trainee partnerships are discussed, as well as lessons learned partnering with LEND trainees to implement research-based interventions.

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Collaborating for Change: NH-ME Lend/New Mainers Public Health Initiative (NMPHI)-An Interagency Parent Advocacy and Information Project.
Marnie Morneault, M.Ed., Research Associate , The University of Maine, Center for Community Inclusion, UCEDD

Lewiston, Maine is a secondary resettlement area for refugees from Somalia. This poster describes a collaboration between NH-ME LEND Program and New Mainers Public Health Initiative leading to the development, delivery and evaluation of parent advocacy training (emphasizing Individualized Education Programs and advocacy within the K-12 system) for parents with children on the autism spectrum. Two NH-ME LEND trainees gained culturally competent training experience working with the Somali population.

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Best Practices for Working with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum and Their Families in a Library Setting
Richard Rector, Ph.D., , Civitan International Research Center, UCEDD/LEND

The UAB Regional Autism Network provides free training related to caring for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These trainings present evidence-based intervention strategies to caregivers and providers. A specific need for trainings aimed at community partners has been identified. UAB RAN is joining with the Alabama Public Library system to provide guidance and instruction on how to more effectively meet the needs of their patrons that have ASD.

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Northeast Regional LEND Programs partner to address Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and the Opioid Crisis
Betsy Humphreys, PhD, NH-ME LEND Training Director, Institute on Disability, UCEDD

New England has among the highest incidence of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) in the US. This poster describes a regional collaborative conference co-hosted by LEND programs in the Northeastern US. The LEND network is uniquely positioned to provide high quality interprofessional training to address opioid and substance use disorders and promote optimal developmental outcomes for infants diagnosed with NAS.

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Addressing Health Disparities for Individuals with Disabilities through Healthcare Provider Training
Matthew O'Brien, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Center for Disabilities and Development, UCEDD/LEND

This poster presents an overview of a healthcare provider training model designed to reduce health disparities for individuals with disabilities through didactic and clinical training of current and future healthcare providers. Over the course of a 20-year partnership between the University of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Public Health, this initiative has reached thousands of students and practitioners of many healthcare disciplines throughout the state.

Developing an Integrated and Interdisciplinary Understanding of Neurodevelopmental Disorders Through an Autism Diagnostic Lens.
Jan Marson, OTD, NvLEND OT Faculty, Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND

Our presentation is about a collaboration between the University of Nevada, Reno Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment (UCAN), Washoe County School District, and Nevada Early Intervention Services utilizing the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS-2). This partnership has focused on developing guidelines for assessment of autism for educational and early intervention settings.

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Wisconsin�s Community of Practice on Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Developmental Disabilities �Leading Change Together for Over 10 Years
Anne Harris, PhD, MPH, RD, WI LEND Director, Waisman Center, UCEDD/LEND

The Community of Practice on Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Developmental Disabilities (ASD/DD) formed in 2008 through a collaborative state systems grant to improve services for children with ASD/DD in Wisconsin. Long after that project funding ended, the Community of Practice on ASD/DD continues to be an active, growing and vibrant group of ASD/DD stakeholders who meet three times a year. Come find out how we�re doing it!

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Training front desk and support staff in behavior and ASD: CARES
Leni Swails, PhD, Assistant Professor, Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies, UCEDD/LEND

Child Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) is a program for training adults in relationship building and behavior management strategies to use with children. This program was modified to include education in symptoms of ASD/DD, and was provided to front desk and support staff at a specialty ASD/DD center. An overview of the training workshop will be provided, as well as satisfaction survey data.

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