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AUCD - Posters: Employment

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Monday, November 9, 2009 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Meeting Room Level


Iowa's 2010 Work Incentive & Benefits Planning Calendar
Sarah Renner, M.S., MIG Consultant, Center for Disabilities and Development, UCEDD/LEND

Iowa's 2010 Work Incentive & Benefits Planning calendars highlight state and federal work incentives that benefit employed people with disabilities. Each month, complex work incentive information is provided in a simple, easy to process message. Space is included to document and track earnings -- critical for working Social Security recipients. Copies of 2010 calendars will be shared.

The Direct Supports Workforce: Preparing for Tomorrow by Examining Today
David Jarmolowicz, MS, Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Excellence in Disabilities, UCEDD/LEND
James W. Diller, Ph D., Eastern Connecticut State University
Sherry Shuman, Ed D., WV - Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED)
Dina L. Jones, Ph D. , WV - Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED)

Although the needs of individuals with disabilities evolve, a stable workforce, dedicated to providing direct supports, remains paramount to meeting this growing populations needs. Unfortunately, turnover plagues this workforce. We examined factors associated with this turnover. Recommendations on how to meet tomorrow?s challenges by ensuring a stable workforce are provided.

Explaining job burnout, engagement and quality of work life in Spanish employees with intellectual disabilities
Noelia Flores, Ph.D., Associated Professor, INICO
Cristina Jenaro, Ph.D., INICO

The aim of the study was to identify sources of stress and well-being in work environments for Spanish workers with intellectual disabilities. More specifically, the presentation summarizes some results obtained after the assessment of the quality of work life of a sample of 428 workers.

Collaborative Efforts Bring About Shared Beliefs, Trust, Respect, and Reciprocity Among Direct Service Providers From Competitor Employment Agencies
Brenda Clark, Project Director, Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, UCEDD

Teams' needs assessment directed its priorities to the business community, family members, and capacity of job seekers. Teams discovered with combined skills, knowledge, and experiences they developed trust which enhanced value, respect for roles, and reciprocity of effective strategies/tips. This presentation will present the training and technical assistance provided to all these teams, their process towards improving employment support for individual with disabilities, and the outcomes of our project.