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AUCD - SIG: Collaborative on Faith & Disabilities

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Monday, November 12, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Location: Meeting Room 8

Session Description


  1. Introductions and Information from Attendees
  2. Update from Eric Moody on Collaborative Membership and Financial Arrangement with AUCD as Fiscal Agent
  3. Presentation by Rhonda Eppelsheimer from Oregon on a research project they are doing, and initial findings.
  4. Erik Carter will lead a discussion on the 2019 Webinar Series, hopefully for January through June.
  5. Bill Gaventa: A brief summary of his book, Disability and Spirituality: Recovering Wholeness.  (will also have some copies)
  6. Final Thoughts on Planning for 2019


Learn and share about current initiatives and projects at the intersection of spirituality and disability. The Collaborative on Faith and Disability is a network of individuals and UCEDDs providing national and international leadership in the areas of research, education, service, and dissemination related to disability, religion, and inclusive spiritual supports.

For more information on the Spirituality Interest Network/Collaborative on Faith and Disability SIG, click this link.

SIGs are made up of individuals in the AUCD network that have common topical interest. SIGs, which are open to anyone in the network, serve as a mechanism for sharing information, engaging in dialogue, and generating new ideas. SIGs are led by one or more individuals from the network (with AUCD staff support if needed); they typically meet in person at the AUCD Conference and may share information via email, conference call, or webinars throughout the year. Because SIGs are driven by the interests of the AUCD membership, new SIGs may emerge while ones that have run their course may disband.