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AUCD - Media Room Open

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Monday, November 9, 2009 1:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Location: Meeting Room 15


Doing it For Themselves: A Grand Experiment in Independent Living
Alice Elliott, Director/Producer, Welcome Change Productions
Diana Braun
Kathy Conour

Diana Braun and Kathy Conour have been bucking the system and living interdependently for 39 years. Their film ? Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy ? provides visual representation of not only how they do it, but also how they have continued to lobby for the rights of others with disabilities.

Why They Gotta Do Me Like That? The Empowered Fe Fes Take on Bullying
Salome Chasnoff, Ph.D., Director, Beyondmedia Education

Young women with disabilities show us how we can work together to understand and stop school-based discrimination, particularly against people with disabilities.

A World Without Bodies
David Mitchell, PhD, Executive Director, Institute on Disabilities, UCEDD

"A World Without Bodies" documents the horror of the Nazi regime with respect to its treatment of disabled people Beginning with an overview of Eugenics ideology, the filmmakers delve into the instruments of mass murder developed first on the bodies of people with disabilities and later transferred to concentration camps.

Self Preservation: The Art of Riva Lehrer
David Mitchell, PhD, Executive Director, Institute on Disabilities, UCEDD

Riva Lehrer's portrait sequence, ?Circle Stories," features expressionistic portraits of outstanding creative artists and scholars with disabilities. Each portrait is shown in depth with fascinating insights provided by the artist and her subjects. Lehrer is a leader in disability culture; Self Preservation provides the audience a unique opportunity to revel in her gifts.